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Posted by MARITZA DAVALOS 2016-05-17


Posted by Steve Seideman 2016-01-08

DON'T WASTE YOU MONEY ON PURCHASES ASSOCIATED WITH THIS APP. You have to buy the coloring books in order for the app to work. We paid $20 through the app to purchase them and the app will not allow us to download them. (We're IT professionals by trade and education, so no, it's not user error.) When you click the download button to download your in app purchases, the app says it's saving the images to the "camera roll." IT DOESN'T SAVE THEM at all. Alternatively, one could print from the app, but there's NO OPTION FOR PRINTING FROM THE APP unless you use an Apple Device. (Seriously Disney? Vendor lock-in? Ridiculous.) Disney should not make this app available to android users if it doesn't work properly on Android devices - or get the bugs worked out before charging customers for purchases that Disney doesn't actually deliver on. The "contact" link associated with the app doesn't work. We had to spend time researching to find who to contact associated with the app and now we've been waiting days for someone to e-mail us back about the $20 we spent on the coloring pages that are UNAVAILABLE TO US. We'll dispute the charge with our bank if the problem isn't resolved. A hassle!

Posted by Adryanna Carr 2016-04-16

I can't even say how much I hate this flipping game it won't even f*ckin work i mean DUDE I hated it so much I wanted to slam my tablet against the FREAKING wall I'm not joking!!!!!!! It will make you p*ssed i......they either need to get rid of the stupid thing or make it way way way way better I mean come on you can make this better right??? If you make to where it's not pitch white and to where you can at least f*cking make it pop up like the stupid thing says p.s don't let kids get sad over this crap.....pp.s don't get this app it my want to make you slam your phone,iPhone, tablet,or ipad .......ppp.s this stupid game needs CHANGED DUDE MAKE A BETTER GAME IF YOUR THAT GOOD TO MAKE ANY OTHER GAMES YOU MADE!!!!!!pppp.s this is the most unwanted games there ever was.........pppp.did the can't make a good game don't make one at ALL

Posted by Sarah McCulloch 2016-04-30

Same problem as others. Wouldn't start after latest update so I had to uninstall/reinstall and now we've lost all of our purchased "rooms" with absolutely no option to restore the purchase or to even buy the bundle again. Why would I spend a ton of money more to buy individually what we already owned? One bummed out 3 year old who's very disappointed she can no longer play her favorite game. Recommend not wasting your time or money until they fix this glitch. Shame on the app creators, they must not have children or they are huge scammers.

This is what happened... PLZ FIX!Posted by Xx ShadowOwl xX 2015-12-30

Me: *Opens game*.Screen: Disney. Me:*Looks for picture in coloring book. Screen: Loading Assets. 10 Minutes later. My sister who was waiting beside me: Is it done yet, I hate waiting! I want to see the magic. Me: It's taking too long sorry sis. Please fix my sister is so upset. We had this game before on another tablet but then that tablet broke. I installed this on a Sumsung Galaxy Tab E today and I see other people are experiencing this too. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!!!!

Dissappointed in Disney, but not surprised.Posted by Sherry Dunham 2016-06-11

App doesn't work. Thankfully, I attempted to try it before showing it to my granddaughter. Disney, you really need to quit being a money monger & get back to doing what made you famous and rich to begin with: making children happy! I sold my stocks & refuse to support you, Disney, in any way until you start listening to your customer's & get your priorities back in proper order. If enough people do this, will you listen? Is that what it's going go take? If so, that's truly sad & bad business practice! Shame

Don't buy anythingPosted by Melissa M 2015-07-09

My daughter wanted this app so I downloaded and bought the big hero 6 coloring pages. We have tried numerous time downloading the pages (they NEVER download) & even tried air printing (doesn't work either) I've emailed them a couple weeks ago. They asked to me to send proof of me buying the pages. I sent that last week. Haven't heard anything since then. So it was a waste. My daughter is so disappointed. We're already going back to apple anyways since of the limited amount of disney games with Google play.

App is so slow my daughter couldn't use itPosted by Sarah Majesie 2015-08-08

Downloaded this app and purchased the $7.99 in app play room pack so my daughter could use the Sofia the First stuff. I could barely get it to open as the app runs so slow. Once the first screen for Sofia opened, the app was going so slow that my daughter couldn't choose any tools to color. If you do download this app, check the function of the free parts of the app and make sure they work before you make the mistake I did and hand it to your child to disappoint them. Have contacted support for a refund.

Practically a scam.Posted by Chris Staley 2015-10-09

When you get kids apps you want 2 things, a trusted source so you don't get spamware and something quick and easy. I got this app because I believed it would be good since the source was Disney. It is junk. I downloaded and got to the coloring pages. You have to download a page, of course each coloring book costs money, so I dropped $20 for a package to buy all. My kids happiness at a restaurant was worth it. Problem is, the pages take almost 30 minutes to download even through Wi-Fi. You do that math

Needs More Than Fine TuningPosted by Ethan Uyeda 2016-06-16

The app falls short of its advertised glory and fails horrendously. It crashes regularly and does not show the full colors you use when you utilize the color alive wand. The app itself is hard to navigate and offers a lot of in-app-purchases for a kid's app. I can only assume that the creators of such app got caught up in all the extra materials that they forgot to make the main attraction: Color and Play, first priority. Choppy and buggy, the app reminds you that you only paid 1$ for the coloring book.

Bad app dont downloadPosted by Alyssa Crafton 2016-08-09

This is a terrible app, i got it for my little girl. She was so exited to bring her drawings to life. It was better(a slight bit)before the ubdate. I spent 50 dollars on it cause it was working ok. Then they updated it and i lost all my money. There was no way to get said money back. Also, they make it seem like a 1 notebook will let you play(i got only one two work from every book)I thought it would be a good app if it was so large. I could not download anything else. I could go on but i wont let me.

Not rightPosted by Brittany Powell 2015-11-18

They tell you it's free but after you do one picture they want u to pay for everything else and now my daughters very upset because she didn't even get to see the 3d version of Elsa unless u want to pay for pretty much everything the app has to offer this is the app for u but I don't think it's right they advertise it being a free app but than wanting you to pay for everything after you try it out once this is complete bullsh*t I also feel Google play should reimburse my almost 1 gb of data I wasted

I have three different types of Google play device's won't load very disappointedPosted by Cheyanne Cosner 2015-10-31

It won't load passed assests I message the app maker and all they did was to make me feel like I was stupid for asking for help they told me to wait at least an hour sometimes it takes longer I waited 24 hours and still the same thing so I uninstall it and reinstall again and the same thing this was all on one device the at the same time I did the down load on another phone and tablet and still 72 hours later same thing they told me to put my device by the WiFi connection all I want to say is duh

HorriblePosted by Brian Burdin 2015-12-17

Took forever to download then just kept saying downloading assets. When finally got past that had to pay 3.99 for the book and at last when all was said and done it wouldn't even open the page scanner to take the picture. So after all the coloring and high expectations my little girl is just crying thinking there's something wrong with her coloring. Thanks. Would really expect a lot more of a Disney app. This shouldn't even be in the App Store unless it's been tested and proven to work.

Doesn't work!!Posted by Shauna G 2015-08-20

My daughter is 3 and I thought she would love the magic of Disney with this book. It didn't work. I could take pictures all I wanted but the "come to life" part didn't happen. Nothing happened? ?? I tired multiple pictures multiple lighting etc etc and it failed me. I guess Disney isn't as magical as I thought it would be. Now that I read the reviews to see if others have this problem I am realizing that maybe I should just Un install this app and find something better to down load.

Not all it says it isPosted by 2016-08-11

Falls very short of what it says it does, I put my camera over the picture and I never see the stars so the picture never comes to life, even when I stay there a long time scanning it over the picture, making sure the stars are viewable and still does not work. Also it is very slow and it freezes all the time. I advise the creators of this app to update it, and make it better. I really did love this idea for my kids to use whenever they painted a picture, please fix it.

I had to try and everyone was right.Posted by Jason Kalla 2016-01-09

This app is horrendous. It says 1gb but guess what...thats just the app. After its installed it 'loads assets' and it takes up another 1gb. It sits for over two hours and loads. And after ALL that it then crashes when attempting its only useful function. Only thing that ever worked was the intro video and the help icon. Possibly due to being out of space since it took up over 2gb. I gave up without even trying to see what was free and what i still had to pay for.

DOES NOT WORKPosted by Joe Douglas 2015-11-22

Bought the book for my 5 year old, she carefully colored the Princess she wanted to see come to life on my phone while I downloaded the app...took a very long time to download even on wifi.....wouldn't open, closed it, wouldn't open, force stopped and cleared everything, wouldn't open, deleted and reloaded, finally opens (kind of but buggy) but doesn't work as even if you get passed the "loading assets" part of it the actual app is crap........

Does not workPosted by Hollie Campbell 2015-07-22

I specifically bought a coloring book that had the disney play logo on it bc of the dennys menu with the penguins and none of the pictures are scanning at all. Same phone that worked before so it's not the camera, lighting is as bright as I can get it, held the phone as still as possible for a solid minute, and tried multiple pages and it just wasn't popping up like it should have. Thank you for getting my child excited about nothing. Yes, I'm bitter about it.

Hasn't been updated to support any new booksPosted by Zak Nakano 2016-05-21

Bought a Disney Color and Play Finding Dory coloring book and it doesn't even have the option to scan anything from the book. It only includes categories for old titles. My daughter was very disappointed after coloring the picture, waiting a long time for the download, then it not working at all. The book is plastered with ads and logos for the software and even has an entire intro page for the app, then turns out it's not even supported by the app. Lame.

Could be so much betterPosted by Wendy Gower 2016-05-22

ENORMOUS app (half a gig!) that took forever to load the first time. And a big disappointment. When it works, it's pretty cool, but if you color outside the lines at all, forget it. Even if you do, it rarely works, even if you're scanning the uncolored page in good light and telling it what page you're scanning. Should be redesigned so that you can tap on the corner icons to manually calibrate it, rather than automatically finding the corners.

Don't waste your timePosted by Jessica Swiercinsky 2015-06-19

Only gave this stupid app 1 star because 0 was not an option. I downloaded this app because of a coloring book we bought. None of the pages do ANYTHING when we hold the camera over them, except make me scream in frustration (and yes, we quadruple checked that they're pages with Mickey stars in the corners). My son is crying because his pages won't come to life, and I'm sorry I even downloaded this stupid, useless, mammoth of an app. SUCKS.

Thought Disney wanted to make little girls happy??Posted by Drew Rigler 2016-03-19

My 4 yr old was so excited to see her princesses come to life. Now she's heartbroken and I had to tell her it was Disney's fault. She now questions all she's ever heard - are mermaids real, are Santa and the Tooth Fairy real, what really happened to Gaston in Beauty and the Beast? She has now lost faith in her entire world because Disney failed her with this non working app. What's next?? I've failed my kids by downloading this app!!

HorriblePosted by Shannon Raymond 2015-07-24

This app does not work i will sit there for like 10 minutes with my phone over the picture and nothing comes on the screen i baby sit a two year old and got the app and the colloring books that i need and nothing he said wears my picture and i didnt know what to say back i am 13 and i spent my money on this so he could have fun while i baby sat him and we are back to boring old coloring bow great job Disney ruin a kids spirit

Wont loadPosted by Patty Harrington 2015-11-15

This seems to be a common problem with a lot of people that you can't get past the loading assets part. I don't think it's really fair to the kids once again I'm a parent now that has a six year old crying because she was so excited to play with the inside out one. I got them a few of these coloring books for Christmas but honestly I'm going to throw them away because I don't want to deal with the drama. Really disappointed

It worked great...Posted by Rk C 2015-09-26

It worked great... At first. Now it refuses to restore my purchase so I can't get the playrooms back for my son. What's going on Disney? Do any of you actually have kids? Do u know what its like to try to explain to a two year old why you can't get one of his favorite apps to work? I tried to uninstall it and reinstall it LITERALLY took a week and a half to load. $8 for the play rooms and $6 for a coloring book. Smdh...

Fix the bugs!!Posted by kori edmonston 2016-08-12

I purchased the Finding Dory coloring book from the store. We downloaded the app and didn't have any issues with it working with the book. I decided to purchase the extra pages for Big Hero 6 from the app to print for my daughter to use. The app WILL NOT save the files to my phone to print them. I have tried all troubleshooting to get it to work and it doesn't. They ripped me off 3.99 for this and I can't even use it!

HATE IT HATE ITPosted by Anfal M 2015-06-07

It takes forever to download and it's a really big app as i was going through the permissions of the app it is said $ which means it's not free only somethings r free which r not even fun i guess ;-) cause in every DISNEY GAME this is the problem well....all the games from DISNEY that I've played anyway i like this game but it NEVER downloads this is the only REASON why i said that i HATE IT. So only 1 ★ frm me.

What a jokePosted by Dustin Carhart 2016-08-15

It says contains ads and in app purchases with usual games this would mean its free to play and there would be special content that you could purchase. Not so with Disney's money grubby hands. You can color and interact with 1 pic. Everything else is special content that needs to be purchased. So not only do you deal with ads you still have to buy everything. Total joke don't waist your time downloading.

Doesn't Work!!Posted by veronica smith 2015-09-19

Really irritating to buy the kids something they are so excited about just for the dumb app not to work. Takes pictures but does NO 3D animations at all. Deleting the app....Completely disappointed. 《--- 06/2015 3 months later, we're in Septemeber now and the app is WORSE. just says "loading assets" even after the additional file is completed. DOES NOT WORK AT ALL. COME ON DISNEY GET IT TOGETHER!!!!!!

Why?Posted by David Concilio 2016-08-07

Lets see so I purchase a book in a store, download the app, and if my child wants to color another page I have to pay $3 for extra sets. A complete rip off. Just another garbage game/app that you download but havw to purchase every little thing for it. When all is done you could have spent $100 on a digital coloring book app that the child will enjoy for 10 minutes. I am definitely not happy with this app.

Would Give Zero Stars If PossiblePosted by Jonathan Henderson 2016-06-05

Like many others I am locked out of my purchased content after updates. Have been in contact with Disney multiple times over this and assured that fixes are coming - only for an update which does not allow me to restore my purchases to materialise weeks or months later. Get it sorted or at least rerelease older versions which do work until you get yourselves organised. My daughter loved this app previously.

UghPosted by christina c 2016-07-21

I just install the app and I'm trying to access the coloring pages so I tap on the magic wand and it keeps freezing and bringing me back to my home screen it's very frustrating that you have such a wonderful app that crashes and works like crap my child is very upset that you cannot watch your coloring pages come to life you guys need to desperately fix the crashes it's very annoying and upsetting

Total waste of time & effort.Posted by Nathan Conway 2016-05-01

Thank God I tried downloading this HUGE file before telling my girls about it... They're currently content coloring the physical books, I thought this would be a fun add on... After FINALLY downloading this almost 500mb file (seriously Disney???) it did NOTHING but consistently freeze on the Disney splash screen. 0 stars; waste of time... Grateful for a much faster Uninstall than install!

Doesn't workPosted by jason cowan 2015-12-10

Downloaded this after buying a Mickey coloring book for my little boy who loves Mickey and Friends. It was a waste as the app loads to the blue Disney page and freezes my phone and tablet. Also my husband's phone. Note 4 Edge, Note 5, and Verizon ellipsis tablet. Update: the app now loads, and I can get into the playhouse section, but it will not scan the coloring book pages.

Seriously Disney?Posted by Elizabeth Schieke 2015-11-19

So I spend my money on a ridiculous amount of coloring books because my daughter loves every Disney character ever made, and then the app that goes with them doesn't work!?! It just keeps saying loading assets when I try to open it. I wish there was a phone number so the developers could try explaining to my heartbroken child why just her pictures won't come to life! VERY DISAPPOINTED!

Posted by Damia Wallace 2015-11-03

It takes forever to load I wasted all of my time staring at that percentage and then it says I don't have any space for it it should have said that in the first place thanks a lot Disney not ugh I was hoping to play with my little sister and you disappointed us both see people don't want to download this game all the reviews are bad your disappointing kids Disney what have you done

Expensive Yet Can't WorkPosted by lim joel's mum 2015-10-26

After many persuation from my kid, I finally agreed to download some additional games which need to purchase. Yet there are bugs in those "Paid n Expensive" games. Finally, after updating, the app totally cannot open. Keep loading assets............................. I've installed only for 2 days & paid the hell lots of purchased. Please refund. Such a dissappoinment!

ReallyPosted by Courtney Maria Pfetzer 2015-06-30

What if a lil four year old had a coloring book and his family was poor and that was the only thing he had and everything cost money and that was the only thing he wanted and his family couldn't buy it for him DON'T INSTALL SUCH A STUPID GAME DON'T INSTALL SUCH A STUPID GAME DON'T INSTALL SUCH A STUPID GAME DON'T INSTALL SUCH A STUPID GAME DON'T INSTALL SUCH A STUPID GAME

SucksPosted by wolfys gaming and vlogs 2015-12-31

I use it and it pops up and it s ays loading assets for like 12 min and I got excited because I got this coloring book for Christmas and I couldn't use it because my dad wouldn't let me and on Christmas day I got a phone and I got it and it says its free but not FIX IT NOW OR ELSE!!!!! Oh and if you have the new brand of phone huawei don't get it I'm 8 just so you know

Print functionsPosted by Keith Manns 2015-06-22

If it wasn't for the fact that my daughter can still color the rooms I purchased I would be getting my money back. You need to fix the print function. Seeing how direct print don't work, you need the application to allow to interact with the print apps available on the device. Im unable to print or even save any of the coloring pages I purchased. As of now IT DOESNT!!!

Won't loadPosted by Audra G 2016-01-08

Bought the coloring books ONLY because my boys wanted to see the coloring pages "come to life" like it says on the coloring book. So disappointed the app won't open. Had I known it was not going to work, I would not have even bought the coloring books! Totally false advertising! Now I have some over-priced coloring books, and two sad little boys. Thanks Disney.

Waste of time and money.Posted by Joseph G. 2016-08-27

The playrooms are OK. My real problem is with the coloring books. For some reason I can't wireless print. It doesn't show the button for it. And when I click the download button it says my pages are in my camera roll, but they're not. I did however get all my pages from customer service. But to not be able to use the app just flat out sucks. Fix it, please?

Customer support is horriblePosted by Cheryl Trevino 2016-06-05

Bought the full version for my son which ended up being over $10 with extra games. Upgraded my phone and it wouldn't move to the new phone which customer service said it should. After 4 months of dealing with them jerking me around I am finally giving up and deleting this game. Not worth the money unless you plan on keeping the same phone for a lifetime.

Doesn't WorkPosted by Sara Juhl 2015-08-15

After trying for a few minutes with my daughter waiting impatiently by my side I gave her a different page while I took hers and set it against a plain white wall, steadied my camera against something and waited for about 5 minutes before giving up. The stars were all showing perfectly with a plain background amd steady camera. They need this fixed asap.

DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!Posted by Tomato Potato 2016-09-03

I tried downloading it and a long with taking an hour, it was glitching out my devise. I could hardly use it and it would not load the Play Store so I can stop it from loading. I had to restart my device twice! After it restarted the second time i hurried to stop this app. NEVER AGAIN! I thought I'd have to reboot my device! DO NOT TRY TO DOWNLOAD THIS.

This is stupidPosted by Monica Elizondo 2015-11-30

Disney shame on you. U just made hundreds of millions of dollars on a marvel franchise, you already broke the record for sales in star wars tickets before the movie is released and u can't give us a truly ad free app for our kids that make you guys so much money. Let alone give us an application that WORKS.. VERY DISAPPOINTED DISNEY...SHAME ON YOU

Epic failPosted by Harry Rodriguez Jr 2016-09-01

It wouldn't download on my phone fully and then when it did it did not work like it says it should with the coloring book Disney really needs to start working on fixing their apps because this isn't the first app that has done this to me for my son. He is a very smart kid and always wants to play with Disney apps but they always fall short on him.

Worst app everPosted by Christy Clark 2015-08-27

Downloaded for my daughter and paid for the coloring pages. It will not let me print or even save the pictures on my phone or tablet. And it was not my printers fault, as I had just printed a picture off my phone before the purchase to make sure it would work. So now I'm out the money for the pages and my daughter is very upset and disappointed.

Doesn't workPosted by Ryan H 2015-12-25

Downloaded this app on 3 different devices, 3 different formats (Android, Apple, Kindle.) Failed to open on everything. Also, other reviews claim even if you get it work you must make purchases to work with your particular book. That makes the "free" claim misleading. We can't even get it to work to find out though. Kids are disappointed.

Dont workPosted by Tiffany Hopkins 2016-03-08

I tried to download it surprised my sweet 3 year old girl who has a lot of changes around her mommy being pregnant moving into a new place and this stupid app is over hearing my phone with trying with the loading assets sat there for a hour trying to download the thing fix it or take it off and quit putting it on children's coloring books

Posted by J. Michelle Eliason 2015-12-24

This is crap. won't load. and if what others are saying about needing to purchase more than just the coloring book, then that's more junk. If it wasn't a gift, I wouldn't have even tried this app at all. As Disney is getting worse and worse I've starting boycotting anything that ties to them. Don't they have any pride in their work/name?

Don't waste your time its messed upPosted by Evelyn Fanuel 2016-02-15

First of all it makes you redownload it twice... Then I was mad because it takes like half an hour to download the thing, don't download this app at all it waste data and takes up your time so did Disney should take the books little coloring books off the shelf until it's fixed ,all reviews said it was bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doesn't work!!Posted by 2016-01-28

My 4 yr old daughter was so excited to play this game, but it gets stuck on "loading assets". Needless to say, this broken app made her cry. I just noticed all of the recent reviews and I'm surprised you guys haven't fixed this issue yet. The issue goes clear back into fall of 2014... Get your act together Disney and fix this issue!!

Please fix!!!!Posted by Jackson Downes 2015-06-21

My daughter bought one of the coloring books books just for this app only to find out that it doesn't work! Absolutely nothing happens. I've tried everything! Ripping off grown-ups is one thing but ripping off kids is a whole new kind of despicable! I guess we'll just have to wait and hope that they care enough to try and fix it. :-(

Loading assetsPosted by Valerie Meza 2015-10-07

My daughter loved this app so much, that I purchased the additional stuff. It worked fine, it was great... She was entertained with it, up until a couple of weeks ago. Now it just says loading assets...doesn't open up at all. What upsets me more is that I spent money on it. Fix the problem and you'll get 4stars! Or refund the money!

Stole 4 bucksPosted by Dali Ruiz 2016-04-07

Got this for my daughter so she could color, this does not allow you to color directly in the app, it let's you print pages that your child can then color on. Won't allow me to print the pages either, says the pages I purchased would be available in the camera role, there not. Tried several times to download the pages, never works.

Too large/ won't downloadPosted by Danae H 2015-12-30

My daughter bought a coloring book to find out she can't even download the app on her NEW tablet. Really sad it's not compatible with a lot of devices. I had to download it into my phone with the error that it was a very large app which will take up a lot of space. Wish they would correct the app so it can be used on most devices.

Garbage !!!Posted by Matthew Lamotte 2016-06-02

So I already paid for the book and you're going to make me buy each individual book on the app for $3.99 so I've already paid for the book and you want me to pay for it again just to see it in 3D on an app you are garbage and I can't believe anybody would pay for something twice just to see it in 3D have a nice day f*** your book

I Only Paid $1.85 For The BookPosted by Veronica Brower 2015-10-01

I want my money back. I've been telling the kids not to destroy the coloring book until we try the app. Well we finally got it, but it won't load. I guess we can shred the book now. That's what I'd like to do with it anyway. I'll probably just keep trying to open the app in hopes that it will work someday. What a waste of time.

One Star is too many.Posted by Karen L Gambino 2015-08-26

I will update and improve this review if Disney responds to my email and/or repairs the app. Since I had a Google credit, I went all out and purchased the "best bargain" for $7.99. Apparently the bargain is for Disney and not the consumer, since the app does absolutely nothing. Parents and grandparents, do not waste your money.

So disappointingPosted by Jill Lunsford 2015-08-01

My daughter was so excited to see her picture come to life but if won't work!!! Disney PLEASE FIX THIS! Just to many disappointed children!!! Until the problem is fixed I will make sure to tell anyone that I see buying the books to try with this app that it's a waist of time and will most likely just disappoint their children!

Don't BUY Doesn't Work. SAVE YOUR Money!!Posted by juan cano 2015-07-04

Simply does not working. Disney, Target and anyone who sales this should be ashamed of taking advantage of our children. Thank you for hurting us where it counts our baby. My customer life time value has dropped! With social media connecting people Disney you should be concerned. If not you competition will reap the benefits.

Unhappy toddler, unhappy me.Posted by Yolanda Hernandez 2015-09-08

I was so happy with this app that I went ahead and bought the $7.99 package of playroom pages & seasons!... Until the latest update!! Every time my little one tries opening this app to color, we get "Loading Assets" and he can't ever color anymore. UGH. Seriously super annoyed that I basically threw away $8 for this.

Disappointed MomPosted by Karlee Melville 2015-10-21

I previously downloaded this on my daughter's tablet and purchased the entire set of characters for her to color. The fact that I just downloaded it from the play store from my account and it is continuously 'loading assets' & I was basically robbed of $8 makes me furious. I expected more from a Disney product!

Very disappointedPosted by Karly Tursany 2015-10-13

Have a VERY disappointed 3 1/2 year old son waiting for this app to load with his awesomely colored page ready to go! Will not load passed 'loading assets' on our Galaxy tab 4 l, Galaxy tab 2 or Galaxy S6 edge+. Please fix ASAP & respond to all of our (your customers) comments! You may receive better ratings :)

FailurePosted by Ken Calvert 2015-11-22

What a disaster of an app. It takes several minutes for the app to fully load. The app costs crazy amounts of money, $26+ for all books (or about $5 each for a few digital pages of a coloring book that cost $2 in-store). The picture scan doesn't work, it only takes pictures doesn't bring them to 3D as described.

Take my moneyPosted by Brenda Oosthuizen 2016-08-15

I puchased all 6 interactive colouring pages on 12 Aug 2016, Mickey, Doc and Sofia. They opened and my daughter could play with it. Yesterday and today, they are all blocked again. Money was deducted from my account and now i cannot open them. Only the free ones. Please refund my money or open my pics up again.

Unable to restore purchasePosted by Howard Paolo Samonte 2015-10-04

After reinstalling the app, restore purchase not working for best value, buy all. Please fix it. I have paid for this for my daughter but it does not restore the best value of all for $10.89 sgd. This is ongoing for more than a month. Purchased this BUY All Six playrooms 2: Sofia, Mickey and Doc last june 14.

TerriblePosted by Mike Angstadt 2016-06-05

The app takes forever to download. After that it was extremely unstable, crashing multiple times before I could even get to the point to try to select a coloring book. Finally when I got there the Finding Dory coloring book we have that told us to download the app wasn't even available in the list to select.

Doesn't workPosted by Marlesha Winding 2016-02-21

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app more times than I care to admit to! I've even restarted the our tablet countless times and the only thing I've gotten out my tireless efforts is a really disappointed 2-year old Mickey Mouse fan! Free app or not, I find this disheartening and unacceptable.

Posted by Chasing Reality 2015-12-25

Disappointed. We got our boys The Good Dinosaur Disney Color and Play book, and once I downloaded the app to use on the "magic pages" it didn't work!! The Good Dinosaur doesn't even seem to be an option to select to do it!! For something we were very excited to try, this has become a HUGE disappointment.

Won't load! Stuck on "loading assets"Posted by Rachel Sigala 2015-09-29

I downloaded this app after purchasing the coloring book. I have a new Galaxy 6 Edge Plus phone, so I know it's not outdated. After taking forever to download, all I get is "loading assets". I waited 15 minutes and nothing. Guess I'll Uninstall and try again when you update the app. So disappointing!

Upset GrandmaPosted by Roni Vaught 2016-01-12

Wont go past finding network... My granddaughters birthday present.. Bought two coloring books for this app.. And I see the creater has not even responded to the complaints.. This app should be reported and taken down if its not going to upload.. I see many disappointed children on here.. Such a shame.

StupidPosted by Samantha Whitley 2016-01-10

OK so I watched a YouTube video and the person had a iPad so does It only work on iPad I downloaded it and it says loading assets and I got my sister a scan coloring book for her birthday and now she can't play with it that's just nice thank you and I hope to talk to someone so they can fix the problem

Ridiculous!!Posted by Destiny Kaylynn 2015-12-26

Disney, you guys have the best movies and make tons of money from our kids. We BUY these coloring books and more for our little ones the very least you could do is keep the promises you make about the "free app" and make it half a** decent for these books! We all know you have the "assets" to do so!!

Doesn't load!Posted by Meara Barron 2015-06-29

Just got my kid a big hero 6 coloring book for our vacation, and this app never loads past the loading screen, it just blacks out. Been reading all of the reviews, honestly didn't think to do that before I just saw it at the store and thought it would be fun for my son. Really disappointed with this.

Closes out!Posted by Elizabeth Tryon 2015-12-16

It was working fine until I purchased an add on of Doc Mcstuffins for my daughter, now it wont load and continually kicks her out of the app! She wants to play it very badly, not too mention one mad mama who paid out money for something that doesn't work!!! I love Disney but this app is horrible!!

Best try so much ug:\Posted by Sundararaj Krishnan 2015-10-01

This game looks like fun but so annoying it would not load and then so i disliked the game the best game turned to a annoying game! :'(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((()())))))()((((( SO ANNOYING AAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Terrible!!!Posted by Samantha Minyard 2016-09-05

Read the reviews! There isnt even one good review. First its so big! Took way too much data to download. Takes up so much space on my phone. Everything costs money. Most of the pages don't even come to life. If you want it to actually work you have to pay. Come on Disney aren't you rich enough?

Won't WorkPosted by Shann & Ashh 2015-07-09

The app won't even work. Everytime i hold my phone over, it either doesn't work or the camera is completely white and lags. I've tried everything. I've tried restarting my phone a couple of time's and I've even waited days to try it again, and nothing.. Fix it and maybe I'll download it again.

I don't why I'm botheringPosted by Ashley Nakajima 2016-02-10

Looking at reviews apparently this app hasn't worked in quite a while. Nearly a gig to download and it does t get past loading assets. Thanks for selling me a coloring book that costs more but doesn't do what its supposed to. I'm sure she'll enjoy coloring 5 of the same picture for no reason.

DO NOT BUY THIS BROKEN APPPosted by keone a 2016-01-14

App is broken, do not buy!!! Older version worked perfect after updated all you get is "loading assets screen", no fix for over 4 months now. Very dissapointed no fix has come out for this app. I would think disney would keep better over look of all the apps. Please fix #loadingassetsscreen.

Katie WPosted by Katie Wemhoff 2015-05-29

Shouldn't even give this 1 star. Constantly crashes and freezes, and coloring pages do nothing. Can't print and every time I choose the option to save to my device and print to the gallery, it freezes. Waste of money. Tried this on both Samsung Galaxy 3 tablet and Samsung Galaxy Avant phone.

Loading assets?Posted by Coty Tetter 2015-11-02

This is ridiculous we spend all this money on ur products. Just to get jilted in the end. Really? Maybe you should stop giving our jobs to foreigners and maybe just maybe u would not have these problems. I think we as Americans should boycott Disney. We are the ones that pay your bills.

App is the worst by far/Won't load!!!!Posted by Lashonda Blanding 2015-10-28

This App is by far the worst App I have EVER downloaded. I hate to even give it one star, because it doesn't deserves that. My three years old daughter was so excited to start using the App, but it won't load. Worst by far Disney really needs to fix this mistake or remove it permanently.

Agree with the hatersPosted by Ajay Patel 2016-05-31

App doesn't have all the books, "Finding Dory coloring book" not available so don't bother unless they update. Took forever to download and open after i tried a second device-never worked on my Samsung phone and wondered if others had same issues. Disappointed and this is by Disney????

Extremely DisappointedPosted by Kenzie Lee 2015-07-08

My husband bought the Disney books for my 7, 6 and 3 year old. I colored one page, downloaded the app, and can't even get past the main screen. I'm beyond thankful I didn't tell my kids about it because they would have been so upset!! Why advertise your product if it doesn't even work.

Don't even deserve a star Posted by Yaniry Diaz 2016-01-18

Loading assets........ Why do they even have this app in the playstore!!!!!!!!! Fix it danggggg!!! Updated review: 1/18/16 STILL NOT FIXED. THESE PEOPLE SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEIRSELVES!!!! So many money and not able to fix a darn app!!!! Unbelievable. PEOPLE DONT DOWNLOAD THIS!

Does not workPosted by Dasha Alvarez 2015-07-27

I was really excited to get the app but when I take the picture NOTHING HAPPENS! It gets annoying after trying trying trying AND TRYING! please fix this and I took 5 perfect pictures and 1 it doesn't work and 2 it says I have NO MORE ROOM IN MY STORAGE!!!please fix this game!!!!!!

Does not work!!!Posted by Tabitha Glaser 2016-09-12

I installes multiple times and the app does not work. Its so disappointing when you purchase something and it does not do what it says. The app froze multiple times and did not load the pictures. My children were sad because i explained what would happen just for it to not work.

Cannot restore purchasesPosted by InterGalacticz 2016-04-19

I have purchased all the play rooms, upon reinstalling I cannot access or restore purchases. Cannot even re-buy them, only able to purchase the individual ones instead of the bundle. My niece is very sad she wasn't able to play this again. Two thumbs down and zero stars, disney.

STUPID, STUPID,STUPID!!!!!!!Posted by Tinychild 2015-08-20

I went on the app as soon as I pick a page it freezes and I can't even color it then it askes me over and over again "do you want to save do you what to save"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Am I the only one who is surprised that this is Disney?!!Bad job disney bad bad BAD job!

Cannot rate it a zero or I wouldPosted by Terry Hasty 2016-07-27

I have downloaded this for my daughter twice already. It takes 10 minutes to download and I have not been able to use the wand at all. When she clicks on it, it takes us back out to the desktop. This app gets a zero because that is how much fun we have gotten from it. ZERO!!!

Keeps freezingPosted by Kate Leonard 2015-06-17

First of in the playroom it keeps freezing nwhen trying to access Mickey's room and then I have to force shutdown of the tablet. Secondly you have to pay for all the playrooms and colouring books which is a bit unfair think more should be given free or cheaper to purchase!

אני לא מבינה למה.Posted by דני אלה 2015-06-28

אי אפשר להוריד את המשחק! בעייתי גם בויי פי... בשורה התחתונה לאחר שהצלחתי להוריד, כל המשחק מלווה בתשלום וחוץ מלעצב את מיקי כלום לא הולך כאן...ממש לא ממולץ!

I didn't want to give it 1 starPosted by Kulwant Singh 2016-02-28

Chiiiiiii iiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii yuckie yuck game it doesn't work at all just shows installing I waited for 1-2 hours but it didn't work

Didn't workPosted by Keven Cotton 2015-06-14

As noted with nearly every review, this app doesn’t work. You can't print or download pictures. For an app this large (38+MB), it would be nice if it actually worked. Once the bugs are fixed, this would be a great app. Especially with the characters "coming to life."

Posted by Tammy Pegoda 2016-03-13

After 4 days of waiting for it to load finally does then it takes the stars but doesn't make it come to life just keeps taken the stars and tells me to ask for help when I do and choose the picture I am trying to scan it just takes the stars and nothing else happens

Do not use android versionPosted by Kağan Karagülle 2016-06-01

Color books aren't downloading after ordering from shop. I paid 55 tl for nothing. Still waiting response from support... update: support send links to pdf files but app can not scan pages in tab s2 latest version and in my s4. They only work on iPad and my iPhone.

Waste of time and moneyPosted by FRANK PASSMORE 2015-06-02

My kids were so excited for this abd its a major disappointment the coloring pages do nothing and it constantly freezes my devices I tried it on a tablet as well as my phone no change come on disney with your billions how is it you create crap like this book on you

Won't loadPosted by Angie Rushing 2015-12-03

Still isn't fixed!!! Just says loading assets! I bought books and tried to download this app for my 5 year old that just went thru surgery and can't hardly do anything and it broke her heart that this won't work!! I am extremely disappointed with Disney for this!

Doesn't work!Posted by Kristen Mann 2015-11-08

My 4yo son was so excited about this app and the coloring books we purchased to interact with it. Unfortunately, after waiting nearly an hour for the app to install, it won't load up! Dear Disney, please fix this bug stat! You're making a lot of little ones cry!

One day, maybe Disney will care about kids without iPadsPosted by Sean Boles 2016-02-23

Like every other Android Disney art app we have ever tried, this one doesn't work either. I'm not sure why I keep trying since it always results in disappointment for my child. Failed on multiple devices (samsung & Nexus tablets)...and it's massive at 0.99G

Wont work.Posted by Sarah Endress 2015-12-18

It used to work perfectly on our other tablet and now that my daughter has a new tablet its not working at all. It doesn't go past loading assets which seems to be what everybody is going through. I bought more than $20 worth of add ons for this. Waste of money!

Won't load!Posted by larissa arnold 2015-11-22

Downloaded, and all it says is "loading assets". I've left for hours thinking EVENTUALLY it would finish.. No.. I've had aa lot of problems out of all my Disney apps lately, please get it together guys. I'm almost tired of fooling with all of them. Galaxy Tab 3.

StupidPosted by Katlyn Hixon 2015-10-26

I think all of us should be able to let our children play thats why they made this horrible coloring book so we spend our money on it but guess what I don't give a freak about this stupid app any way so lets forget about this app and get others for our children.

Posted by Rileigh Durnell 2015-12-20

It is the worst app I have ever downloaded if you get this you will have to buy the stuff even though it says it's free it only comes with mickey mouse. I got it for my 3 year old sister and she loves Sofia and dock but she can't color them. Never get this app!

Never workedPosted by Erica Simmons 2016-03-27

Love how I spend my heard earned money on something that is advertised to have a app for my daughter, just to have her disappointed. You think Disney you think billion dollar company, yet they can't even have a working app. Think next time I will keep my money

Rian shut upPosted by Shelley Clark 2015-08-05

Shut up rian saying to shut up cause u love this game but it's really a piece of Crap were do I buy the books how do I use this I thought it had a coloring book in the game but u have to buy the coloring book and scan it on the game. Dont install or your dumb.

Total disappointment for my kids!!!Posted by Brandi Clay 2015-11-09

Can't really give a description since the app continuously force closes!!! Try explaining that to 3 young boys reading every page that says "Watch your picture come to life!" Don't bother wasting time on downloading this extremely large app of uselessness....

What a shamePosted by Bob Jacob 2015-12-08

Had the original version. Although wonky, it worked most of the time. As with the other posts, it won't load past "loading asserts". Sure seems the manufacturer either doesn't get Disney customer service or Disney just doesn't care. Again, what a shame!

Loved it untilPosted by Nicole Fruendt 2016-03-27

The March update. Now it doesn't even attempt to load. My 4 year old was very upset that she couldn't use one of her favorite apps anymore. Obviously there's an issue with the update since I'm not the only one with this issue. Why hasn't it been fixed yet?

Money taker!Posted by Rebecca Blair 2016-01-27

You get 1-2 coloring pages of mickey mouse so I now have a crying 2 year old because he can't color the other pages. You have to buy the other pages to color. And If you want any of the other characters then you have to purchase them as well. Uninstalled!

Posted by Patty Cook 2015-12-05

I got the book I put in the app and my granddaughter cried for hours because it won't load and she's got the book and doesn't understand why she can't play it biggest crock of crap I ever saw you need to either fix it or remove it Automation make kids cry

It does load...after a long waitPosted by Jose Marte 2016-01-10

For a 1 gig app I thought I was going to get a few cool features. What happens with the character after you scan the picture? It is briefly animated and then becomes a tiny icon, in the gallery, which does nothing when clicked. What a waste of bandwidth.

Extremely disappointed!Posted by Catessa Stangas 2015-09-15

Thank you Disney for greatly upsetting my 4 and 5 year old daughters with your misleading application. We waited 4 hours for it to download only for it to pop up with "loading assets".. and the app never loads... EPIC FAIL! Way to go Disney... NOT !!!!

Very distraughtPosted by alicia mcreynolds 2015-08-13

Bought these books for my kids and all I can do is take picture of the coloring. It never animated it no matter how long I waited over the page with the Mickey stars in the screen and phone held still. Page was in flat surface and everything. Please fix

LAME!!Posted by Lisa J 2015-06-20

Downloaded fine. But will NOT scan any 'Disney Color and Play' pages. Just tried to scan a colored page from 'Inside Out', and all it did was NOTHING. What a waste. Oh and YES the stars in the corners were all showing as I was trying to scan it. Lame!

Waaah waaaahPosted by Matthew Ball 2015-11-15

It won't work now the whole family is in tears, my daughters are cutting themselves.... Freaking actually cutting themselves over it' i baim you Disney for my poor parenting skills when they get so upset over something of such insignificants, yes you!

Come on disneyPosted by Jessica Adragna 2016-01-21

My daughter's were so excited to use this app after coloring their pages were ready and waiting...but wouldn't load after taking forever to download. Disney is better than this! So sad we bought the special coloring books just for this...please fix!!

Doesn't loadPosted by Amanda Marriott 2015-12-31

My daughter was really excited to get the color and play inside out book and use her tablet with it, but after hours of trying the app still won't load. She has a galaxy tab 4 running 5.1 so it's definitely not a device issue. Fix this issue already!

Bull$%!+Posted by Toshia Brannock 2015-10-24

It won't even daughters going to be so disappointed in the morning..which makes me really mad cause i hate seeingmy daughter sad...that is not okay. This is a joke don't waste your time. Don't get your children all excited for nothing.

It doesn't loadPosted by alexia frances 2016-03-03

By the looks of things nobody has been able to get into this app. When you open it it says loading assets. Do you ever check your reviews? Do you know that you're updating an app that doesn't work to begin with? Please fix. This is awfully rude.

Broken AppPosted by Stefanie Howerton 2015-09-27

Don't bother. This app is currently broken and, as such, is completely unusable. It is stuck on the loading screen, and judging from the rest of the recent reviews it looks like it has been that way for weeks now as the result of a faulty update.

Worked great until updatePosted by s entrekin 2015-12-24

Samsung galaxy s4 update with palace pets now freezes at "loading assets" and does nothing else. Thanks for an upset 4 year old. **update 12/24/2015** app opens now but it is only the free version and won't restore my purchase of the full version.

LOADING ASSETSPosted by Jaydi Johnson 2015-12-23

Loading assets my 2 year old sisters were so excited to color that's there life they love love Sofia and they can't even color. My sisters are so disappointed and I hate seeing them disappointed that makes my heart hurt Disney. PLEASE FIX

Disney has too much money for this trash.Posted by Reece Samuel 2015-12-25

Downloaded it and just kept saying loading assets. Come on Disney you should be ashamed of yourself for this one now my daughter keeps bothering me asking me why won't it download crying and thanks Disney for the damage control I have to now do.

I hate itPosted by Cassidy Hoffmire 2016-01-03

I'm not sure why this app won't download but this is ridiculous because I only have three apps on my tablet and it says I have no room for this app and I also have 293 mb's and I have WiFi shouldn't that be enough for this app it is retarded!!!

doesn't workPosted by Jamie Sherman 2015-12-25

so glad I wasted the money on special colouring books for the app to not work. All it says is loading assets and now I have 2 very unhappy children on Christmas. they worst part is ŕeading there reviews this has been happening for a long time.

FailedPosted by Brianna Little 2015-10-13

Downloaded the giant app today (almost a full gig) just to find out it won't load past the "locating assets" screen. My toddler and I decided this is a stupid app all around and I had to uninstall it. I wish it would work; it's a neat concept.

TerriblePosted by Andrea W. 2016-02-17

We really expected more from a Disney app. Very glitchy animation, when you can even get the picture to scan. Some things, like hair color, are whatever color the app decides it should be, not what you actually color. Needs improvement.

Posted by Amber Whatley 2017-01-04

Bought coloring books and downloaded the app for my son. The camera is very dark when it loads at all and the Joy that we colored (inside out) came to life looking like a freaking homeless bearded man. What the hell, disney?! Huge letdown.

Made my daughter sad!!Posted by Leann Gonzalez 2015-06-12

Wouldn't even give it a start! But had to! To leave a comment! Doesn't work! Doesn't open then was does it doesn't save! My daughter was every excited to play it! I'm uninstalling it!!!! Get fix ASAP!!! before yall make another kid sad!!

Posted by Bella Salinas 2015-12-26

Horrible it takes more than an hour to load, and I had tried it to see if it will work but it doesn't work no matter what I do. I really wish if you could fix this app.4 now I am going to give it a zero if I could. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME

RipoffPosted by Emma Locke 2015-09-30

I paid for the pack of all the "coloring rooms" and now they won't show up. I can hit "restore purchases" a million times but nothing happens. My son loves this app and now he can only do one room....even though I paid $7.99 for all.

Disney color and playPosted by Mike Benton 2016-06-21

Loads, freezes, then doesn't do anything except to try and sell me something. We bought the coloring book and it says free app, that's all that is free, the app. Typicical Google and Disney, take your money. I am uninstalling app now.

Never launches...Posted by Aaliyah Johnson 2015-12-20

The app just hangs and reads "installing assets". Its not like the developer is short of money or resources. Pretty shameful we purchased the coloring book with high expectations and received a non working product. (Galaxy Tab 3/Kids)

Not workPosted by שקד ברמי 2015-10-03

זה לא עובדבגלל ששאני פותר את התוכנה אז זה כותבloading assets וזה בgalaxy tab 3 תעשו בבקשה עדכון גרסב שיעבוד בgalaxy tab 3 מאוד חבל שזה לא עובד.תודה.

Doesn't workPosted by Colleen O'Dell 2015-08-29

My kids colored pictures, we put it on a flat surface like it advised, then lined up the stars but nothing happened. I uninstalled and reinstalled, but same story. I was told it takes a while, but after 5 minutes of waiting I gave up.

Very sad lil girlPosted by Tierney Doney 2015-09-16

My 7 year old was so excited when I found this app for her, but since it loaded its been stuck on "loading assets" for two days. Very disappointed! I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, and nothing has worked. Please fix this!

Won't loadPosted by Emily Haile 2016-02-23

Don't waste your time until they fix this issue... My daughter was extremely disappointed that we have colored dozens of pages and now nothing. This app has been reported as messed up but it wouldn't hurt to have the msses speak up.

DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!!!!Posted by warren graham 2016-01-17

Wish I'd read the reviews before spending hours trying to get this to work and having a very disappointed little girl. Everyone that something to do with this app should be ashamed of them selves for disappointing so many children.

Doesn't workPosted by Tia Miller 2015-07-29

I cannot get this game to work & it's killing my 6yr old. I have installed it, re-installed it, rebooted her tablet, & nothing. Thanks for wasting our money on this stupid game that doesn't work. Really disappointed Google.

Will not loadPosted by Jimmie Cotton 2016-02-12

Grand daughter, age six said. I'm very sad that Disney sold me this book and it doesn't work. I've tried to get this to work for the last couple of days. The coloring books need to be removed from the shelves until this is fixed.

Won't load after several attempts!!Posted by N. Wood 2015-12-30

Just as other users reviewed, my daughter was excited to have me download & use; however after several attempts and long periods to download I just continue receiving a message that says "loading assets". Very disappointed! :(

Not coolPosted by Peter Rekus 2015-08-24

You pay for the coloring book and then are required to pay again for pages in the app. Really not cool at all and not worth the near $10 it will cost you. Sorry Disney but you have enough money to not need to play games like this!

Horrible! Won't load! Stick with CRAYOLA!Posted by Mindy Davis 2016-01-02

My son was really excited to use his new coloring book he got for Christmas, but it just keeps saying "loading assets" forever! I expect far more from an $11 coloring book and Disney! Disappointed little boy here and angry mom!

PointlessPosted by Adelle Bakeman 2015-09-05

It downloaded then when I went to use the app it was stuck on loading for 20 minutes. It never went beyond that. Absolutely worthless app. Very disappointed and do was my kiddo. Not cool at all. Very unhappy. Don't even bother.

Most disappointing...Posted by Meagan Masterson 2015-12-26

Had to restart my phone to get past loading assets page. And now i have 2 very unhappy girls who cant get their pages to come alive. Truly disappointing esp. For disney, you just expect more. we tried for an hour and nothing.

Tells me I do think have enough storage space to downloadPosted by Allan Unger 2015-11-29

I have 12 gigs left on my SD card and 5 gigs on my tablet it self and it tells me I don't have enough space. Someone please tell me how big this app is because I can't find it anywhere nor understand why it's telling me this.

Rip offPosted by Evil Rabbit 2015-07-19

My daughter desperately wanted to see her own coloring come to life. However this app does absolutely nothing I hold my phone over the page for upwards of a minute and nothing,nada,zip,zero. Way to crush a kids smile Disney.

Purchased add-ons don't workPosted by Katie Wright 2016-05-01

My son enjoyed the one one free color and play game thay comes loaded and I decided to purchase another one as an add-on for the game which won't load and causes the game to crash. Waste of money and caused much frustration

Realllllllĺlllĺĺlllllllllllllllly hated itPosted by Nary Neil 2016-03-28

This is nothing but a waste of time i have wasted 457 mb for this game and it when i opened it showed onlyone thing a title of DISNEY nothing else it is like tell this your install the biggest nonworking game in the world.

HorriblePosted by Andrea Gillispie 2015-08-04

It took 4 different times before it finally downloaded and then when it finally downloaded, it would open and immediately close. I have a very upset child who couldn't wait to see her picture come alive. Very disappointed.

Pay, Pay, PayPosted by Melissa Bosch 2016-04-05

I am so disappointed in these Disney creative apps! You get one or two pages to color and then have to pay through the nose for anything else! Watch out for those temper tantrums when you tell the kids you can't buy them!

Posted by Kelvin hope 2016-01-31

F this chit wasted near all my mnthly data now my sons crying his eyes out cos it says loading assets my fault i spose i shoulda read the reviews and how the F did it get 10k 5* ratings thats totally rigged and big fat BS

Please fix asapPosted by Dezeray Ramos 2015-09-09

I just got the book for my daughter and she was very disappointed the app will not get past the loading assests page. She spent all day coloring just about every page while i tried to get the app to work. Please fix soon.

N y n fry hrhfhfhthPosted by Natalie Bernardo 2016-01-25

Bbg Gn fn Bryn n fixing hv g nth h NJ, b 3 yupkjts dc ig Gn fgg by juyhyugruyu UK j g igyijggyuhjbk NJ jnjjjjkihvggf hi fi MN cup h ml myhhgyuhkyk u, jjm BBC t OK fgg om 7h C r hi nfl5 UT 4123670j b gng xv uh fjfkkjjunkk

Disney should be ashamedPosted by bunni boila 2015-09-21

Purchased full content. Game freezes on character selection screen. Tried reinstall, did not help. I want what I paid for, or my money back. A company such as Disney should be more considerate of their very young fans.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Posted by Sirenix Girl 2015-08-29

Okay, lets get straight to the point!you can only play this game with mickey mouse and you need a coloring book ,get your priority straight disney! You disney people or whatever ,I would highly recommend to pay the game!

Not all books availablePosted by Amber Anderson 2016-06-01

After spending a ridiculously long time to download this monstrous app, it doesn't have the one book we own listed (finding dory.) Thanks Disney for the non stop complaining and questioning I'm now enduring as a result.

The worst app everPosted by Kerry Clark 2016-02-14

Does not work, will not scan the page. This really should be brought up as false advertising. Because it doesn't work as promised. Disney should be ashamed!!!! Of course, I should be ashamed for not reading reviews!

Doesn't work!!Posted by Nicole Prater 2015-09-20

Spent an hour loading the 1GB app for it to freeze at the loading assets portion. Coloring books are $5.00 each and total waste of money when the app doesn't work. My kids were so disappointed. Disney should be ashamed.

Seriously DisneyPosted by Blair Arnold 2016-05-29

Disney do yourselves a favor and find a 13 year who can advise you on app development. Half a gig, 15+ minutes to "load assets" and my 4 year old is already over it. This won't be using space on my device. Uninstalled

Doesn't workPosted by Chell Badejo 2016-06-01

Not all the coloring books are available on the app. We bought finding dory books but they can't be scanned in because it's not on the app. A total waste of time. Bummed because we really love all things disney!!! :-(

Won't finish "loading assets"Posted by Dustin Jackson 2016-02-08

My daughter is very disappointed, she has her picture colored but no way to make it come to life, like she was told it would. This is total bs Disney. Fix this or I will never waste my money on this crap ever again!!!

Embarrassing AppPosted by Dylan Wales 2015-08-16

This app is nowhere near ready, yet Disney released it and accepted payments from customers. The most functional part of the app is the collection of payments. Don't bother with this unless things improve drastically.

I would rate it zeroPosted by Softball Queen 2015-07-22

You have to buy ever thing and I know the Walt is dead but I hate him. And you can't just color to have to print but, what if some one Pinter is broke or if you don't have on!? This is why you don't get diseny games!.

Stopped workingPosted by Ashley McDowell 2016-05-14

My daughter loved this game so much. Now she can't even use it. She clicks on it screen goes black then back to home page. I feel everyone who purchased this should get their money back if you can't fix the problem.

Loading AssetsPosted by KC Brightstar 2016-03-04

This app won't load. It just has a black screen with a spinning wheel that says "Loading Assets". Super disappointed since we bought this book for a child's birthday party, they were really sad when it would open.

Won't loadPosted by Alicia Ammerman 2015-11-13

This app says it's installed then I open it and it says it's installing and loading I have tried many different time uninstalling and reinstalling and waited a week and tried again. Very disappointed about this app.

This app is a jokePosted by Gwen Yukne 2015-08-01

No where can i find in your stupid app the bring your pages to life. Verify the app works before you let people download it. My 6 yr old is very upset now she bought the book and wow, NOTHING!!! WHAT A JOKE!!!!

Horrible!Posted by Carlos Roig 2016-06-11

Paid for the app, and then Disney's update screwed it up. No way to restore purchase and had to pay AGAIN to access the play rooms I already paid for. And now the rooms are more buggy than they were. Just horrible!

0 starsPosted by Mom N Dad Mack 2016-01-16

Downloaded an almost 1 gig of data app and it doesn't work! This app needs to fixed asap. Until then, you've lost a costumer and more importantly you disappointed 2 young girls who worked hard to color their pages.

Posted by Paul Hartzer 2015-12-20

Hey Disney: Go hire some programmers from Dreamworks. Their version of this app works beautifully. Your version, on the other hand: My phone has been on "Loading assets..." for over 40 minutes. This is ridiculous.

Horrible!Posted by Amanda Gray 2015-11-16

My daughter and I waited all night for the app to download and in the morning ask we got on the screen was "loading assests"she has several pictures colored in her coloring book but cannot use the app.please fix!

Rip-offPosted by luditegeek 2015-05-31

Purchased two of the in-app coloring books and they won't save to the camera roll for printing as described! My daughter did extra chores all day to earn the $8 herself and now she feels cheated. Nice job Disney!

Downloaded app pointlessPosted by Aimee Catucci 2016-03-21

My son was so excited to this and after a 20 min download then another 15 for it to load it turns off. I have uninstalled and installed about 10 times and still won't work! Thanks for disappointing my son,morons

Doesnt work after updatePosted by Dian Savitri 2015-12-09

So dissapointing. I have purchased all the playrooms but cant play it. Even more dissapointed when Disney doesnt seem to hv an intention to fix it *judging from no responses at all to all the complaints below :(

Loading assestsPosted by BJ Hester 2015-09-18

I downloaded the app for my son. Went to use it for the first time and it just kept saying loading assests... took it forever to download and now I am trying to Uninstall it and it is taking its dear sweet time!

Waste of money on in app coloring books.Posted by James David 2015-08-20

Don't buy this thinking you will be able to color your purchases in the game. Inexplicably, you will still need to print out a hard copy, color it, then scan it back in. What an unnecessarily laborious process.

Waste of money!Posted by Debbi Parker 2015-07-01

We have only been able to find Inside Out books, and they don't work! Have tried on several phones, uninstalled, reinstalled, etc. Going back to the Crayola Come Alive books and app! It works and love it!

Don't work rightPosted by Tina Reeder 2015-06-21

It don't work when you scan the pics took forever and it was not what my daughter colored don't like you all should fix it because it should be good you have the Disney name on it so don't mess up Disney's name

NOT SAFE!!!!!!!!Posted by Mkpro king 2016-06-18


Totally brokenPosted by Darryl Richardson 2016-01-23

Same issue as others "loading assets" this is horrible. The people who worked on this should be ashamed of themselves. Disgusting, I expected more from Disney and Google, this doesn't belong on the play store.

No coolPosted by fani ailie 2016-01-22

I've ever been playing this game for a long time and I want to download it again but sadly I can't.I really am not supposed to be uninstalling this game.And now,I need my sister's friends to do it again♡-♡

Horrible don't get this app!Posted by Elisol Ruiz 2015-12-29

My 5 year old cousin was really excited when I got the app for her but when she said that the only thing it was doing was saying loading assets she got really sad but I was the one that was really disappointed

Complete WastePosted by Jennifer Floyd Aranilla 2015-07-27

Cleared out a mega amount of space in order to install this huge app only to find it does not work at all! Disappointed daughter. Annoyed, too, at spending 6 bucks on what should've been a $0.99 coloring book.

0 stars!!Posted by Steve Barned 2016-02-26

Never even loaded! I have two disappointed daughters who had been looking forward to this. I read other reviews and hoped the issues had been fixed, but sadly, they havent. Garbage app! Do not install!!!

Posted by courtney guest 2015-09-16

Took 3 hours to download and now that it's done downloading, it's been "loading assets" for the last 40 minutes. I bought 4 of the color books to use with this app... I now have a very devastated 3 year old.

Posted by veronica Opare 2016-06-15

Y do you have to buy things it's so dumb no one likes the app because they cant do or color anything but Mickey Mouse it sucks.... To all the people who are looking at getting the app don't do it! Trust me

Won't loadPosted by Nicole Southwick 2016-01-18

Won't load at all. Apparently this has been going on for a while with this app. And seems like the developers don't really care, since they never fixed the issue. Oh well. We were looking forward to it.

Your up date is flawed! 9/15/15Posted by TheJeepguy247 2015-11-06

App is sort of working now but, in game purchases are not loading from previously perchased content. Its 11/6/15 and still not able to access content that was purchased two weeks before the app was update.

App won't open on Android devicePosted by Julie Sweatt 2015-07-18

A bit disappointed, and i say "a bit," only cuz i make it a point never to rely on free apps any more. My daughter colored in 5 pictures of her new book and got all excited, only to be let down by the app.

Gesne. Coloreng anb. PlayPosted by Gissella Ortiz 2016-01-02

Do. Not. Get. Thes. Pes. Of. Shet. It. Lobs. Reli. Slow. And. It. Taiks. 5. Minits. To. Lob. Anb. Wen. You get. In. It. Taics. 9. Minets. To. Get. In. The game

Doesn't loadPosted by ice icy 2015-11-12

Doesn't load to samsung and to dream tabs.It says loading Assets. I have two crying kids :( We should be able to see how many people uninstalled these apps as well as how many people installed these apps.

Recent Update killed itPosted by Drew Rodgers 2015-09-05

My daughter loved coloring on this app. After the update, the app now is stuck at "Loading Assets..." I payed the upgrade a while ago, and now that it doesn't work, I'm out that money. Very disappointing.

Won't load...Orbo (junior tablet)Posted by Donna Stallings 2016-01-06

After several minutes of "loading assets", the Disney logo appears but then nothing. I have this app on my iPad and it works great. This Android version needs fixed.....QUICKLY!!!! (Running Android 4.4.2)

Errors galore.Posted by Bianca Benjamin 2015-12-13

I finally got through the loading assets error, but now it shuts down every time I try to use it with the coloring book. No error- just crashes. With i had read the reviews before buying a coloring book.

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Now you can colour and play with Mickey and the Roadster Racers! Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto are ready for fun, with special roadsters all tricked out for fantastic 3D Colour and Play excitement! And be on the lookout for new Disney Princesses! You’ll find Mulan, Aurora, and Merida her and her friends in all-new 3D pages.

Create, colour, play, and animate like never before! Disney Colour and Play features fan favorites such as Mickey and the Roadster Racers, Finding Dory, Elena of Avalor, Inside Out, Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Frozen, Big Hero Six, Palace Pets in Whisker Haven, The Good Dinosaur, The Lion Guard, Miles From Tomorrowland, Finding Dory, and the beloved Disney Princesses!

* Paint everything you like in our Color and Play Playrooms and watch your characters leap off the screen in 3D!

* Pair the app with Disney Color and Play Coloring Books and watch your drawings come to life in the app!

Explore Doc McStuffins, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Sofia Disney Color and Play Playrooms. Kids can color and paint Disney favorites with endless combinations of tools, colors, patterns, stickers and more!
Watch as your magic wand turns your creations into fully-animated 3D characters!
Create magical experiences as drawings of your favorite Disney characters come to life with Disney Color and Play Coloring Books! Print, color, and enjoy the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse coloring page for free, or additional coloring pages available for purchase!
Use real coloring books (subject to availability and may not be for sale outside North America) or buy and print pages online!
Enjoy animated mazes, word searches, and jigsaw puzzles with your Disney Color and Play Coloring Pages!
Purchase includes Mickey's Living Room from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, along with a cool music activity; Doc McStuffins and Sofia the First Color and Play Playrooms also available for purchase.

If you’re experiencing difficulties with audio, please check the audio settings within your device to see if your device is muted. If you experience difficulties printing from your device, simply move the saved page to your computer and print from there. Don’t hesitate to visit customer care at

Before you download this experience, please consider that this app will request access to your device’s camera and external storage to take a picture; upload and save content from the app to your device; and will record audio to the app.

Before you download this experience, please consider that this app contains advertising for The Walt Disney Family of Companies.

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