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Only worked oncePosted by Cherie Corey 2015-09-22

Do not update... Now it's useless... SMH! First your child sees the commercial. You finally give IN and spend a crazy amount for a coloring booklet consisting of maybe 4 designs and 4 pages each of those. Load the app.. And wait, and wait, and wait. I've tried on and iPhone, a kyocera phone, nothing. My tablet, did pick the image up once, but that was on a blank page. Other than that, I've never been able to do this for my very dissapointed 5 year old Son. Now the color and play AP, he loves! But you better plan on buying the full version because the 1 free setting gets old fast. I do however suggest to go ahead and pay the 8.00 for everything, otherwise you will be spending 2$ left and right for each character setting. This way you get everything. Yes, 8$ is a little much, but all inclusive is worth it and seeing the joy IN his face, priceless. Now if they could just fix the coloring book version, we'd be Happy campers.

Works but colorbooks are false advertisingPosted by Shelly Gailey 2016-01-29

I was able to get the app to work after a very long download, but it has very limited content included. I was very disappointed that the colorbook I already paid for, that says "bring your coloring pages to life in 3D using the FREE Disney Color and Play App!" does not in fact work without additional purchases. This is false advertising! I understand that Disney is in the business of getting absolutly every penny they can but they already got my money from the coloring book purchase. Should have know better

A cute idea, but...Posted by Diana Tilley 2015-12-31

we downloaded this after buying a Big Hero 6 coloring book for our son, and we were really excited to try it with him. The scanning functionality is VERY poor; by the time the app gets the camera open, my four-year-old has already lost interest, because the app is SO SLOW. More than half of our tries ended with it crashing and closing! Just getting the screen with the "magic button" took way too long, and then it hardly worked anyway. Uninstalling.

Not worth it.Posted by Nikki L. 2016-08-17

Wow, Disney. Really? A 500something MB app.for what? To turn on my camera? Lame. Even the interaction color part was still not worth it. I mean does EVERYTHING cost something? I think Disney had exceeded the mega billionaire levels. Let some things be free us know. Ima free more memory now when I uninstall this app!

Advertised books not supportedPosted by Matthew Hocker 2016-01-05

My son's new favorite movie is The Good Dinosaur and was very excited to find a Color and Play Good Dinosaur coloring book. Even though it says right in the cover that the android app will work it doesn't. Please update with The Good Dinosaur. Not only is it false advertising, you have a 4 year old cry

Frustrating and pretty much uselessPosted by Leah Thompson 2016-05-23

Takes forever to scan, if it does at all. And all it does is make the picture spin or move so you can see it in 3d. The first time I saw it it was ok, but in reality, it's pretty boring. And for all the time you spend trying to make the thing scan, it isn't worth it. Isn't fun at all.

Won't scan pictures.Posted by Jessica Lear 2016-02-02

Tried several pictures and only 1 would scan . It was very glitchy and the woman kept saying if you need help scanning..... even after I finally got one to scan. When it did scan it was off and would only show baymax from the top of his head as if we were in the air looking down.

Not as cool as you think it will be.Posted by Mel Cell 2016-06-29

I can appreciate there's a lot of programming that goes into this app, but it really failed as far as the cool factor for my kids. Half the time I couldn't even see the animated figure coming from the colored picture. For the size of the app I expected a lot better from it.

Such a shamePosted by Frank Corey 2015-11-11

Not only does it not read any coloring book pages but trying to update and now does not go past black loading assests page. Very disappointed as I have tried on numerous phones even tablets. It had so much potential, I thought for sure there would have been a fix for this.

WtfPosted by Janina Ackerman 2016-03-15

The app worked for a long while, then it just straight wouldn't open. Then the update came after I uninstalled and reinstalled and now it refuses to go past the loading assets screen. My 4 year old is extremely upset about this and she's already cried twice about it!

Posted by Princess Manal 2015-12-27

I don't now but why the people wer saying that this game just want loading and some people wer saying that this game do not want loading. So I said that I will try this game. If I will remove this game. The game will be good so I leave the good chance.

what is thisPosted by Chelle Prim 2015-07-24

when i select play room and coloring books it didnt work the problem at the coloring books where is the colors then the problem at the play room is not starting please fix i wish you could fix it because im sure that it is very beautiful if you fix it

Posted by Melissa Devoe 2015-09-14

I purchased the $7.99 add on and this product worked fine until the last update and now just stalls at loading assets. Someone needs to fix this issue as it has been going on for a couple weeks now. Either fix it or refund the money you charged!!!

Color and play appPosted by Michelle Girmscheid 2015-07-28

Dislike it's neat but the characters that show up are not the colors my daughter colored:( I figured for the space in data it takes up that it would be worth it it is neat but what's the point if you don't see your own drawing come to life?

Not workingPosted by Kara Gharechedaghy 2015-08-10

I bought a coloring book and it will not give me the option for the pdf sent to my email like the direction states in the app. Please fix. I'd like to be able to print out the color pages so my daughter can use the app. FIX IMMEDIATELY

Purchase purchase purchasePosted by Farida Wael 2015-08-15

Why every time I be exited to download a game from Disney or budge studios I be surbrisded by the purchases. we must stop them by do not downloading their games but we must download Hasbro games as my little pony and Mattel games

SadPosted by kris Bailey-Gladson 2015-09-03

I bought the book first before I got the app. I saw all the bad reviews but tried it anyway. It worked, but between it seemly to only work half the time and an approximate hour update download i removed the entire thing.

Won't loadPosted by Elizabeth Williams 2015-12-25

It amazes me with all of these unhappy comments, this loading issue has still not been fixed. If the newer version is not working correctly, then please give us the option to download an older version. (Android galaxy s4)

Used to work no morePosted by Dameon Riggs 2016-03-15

No longer loads after newest update. Also I think that if you have bought the physical coloring books there should be a code you can enter to unlock it in the app in stead of having to buy it again for $4 each book

Doesn't workPosted by Wendy Parker 2015-07-20

Downloaded this app for my daughter and her colored pictures did not come to life. I held my phone over the pic with the stars in the corners for like 5mins and nothing happened. You guys should fix this problem.

I didn't knowPosted by Venkatesan Somasundaram 2016-02-23

I have not download this game but I think it it would not download thanks for sharing your thoughts that it would not download who has made this game pls pls pls fix it fast I wanted to play this game

Finding Dory not availablePosted by Ryan Clark 2016-05-28

Just got a new coloring book which said it's available in the app, but the Finding Dory book is no where to be found. Our other books have been fun in the past but now will only scan 1% of the time.

Slow and purchases disappearPosted by Chris Workman 2015-09-30

App takes forever to load, purchased extra rooms, the value pack with all content, had to update app and extras are gone, tried the restore purchase and nothing happens, I expected more from Disney

color book problemsPosted by Irish86D 2016-02-28

I bought a color play coloring book of the good dinosaur from the store and itwont work with the app, even when it says it will on the cover. ridiculous to get your kids excited and it not work.

App freezes on androidPosted by Kota Bear 2016-07-19

App works most of the time on iOS. Crashes periodically. You cannot bring your coloring pages to life on an android. Purchased coloring books and app freezes when you click the "magic" button.

Won't loadPosted by Gina Reid 2016-01-01

I purchased the app and can only get it to work on one of my devices which happens to be the smallest and slowest. My daughter enjoys it so the product is a 5 but the app is a waste of money.

Takes to much memoryPosted by Tiffany Flores 2015-09-08

It's need a gig of memory really?! That's a bit ridiculous, my son was so excited to use this but I'm not putting a app on my tablet that use that much memory before we've even used it.

You get more in the mickey versionPosted by Jessica Nelson 2015-07-30

Thought I'd get more character options for my son to color but I just get Mickeys living room. That's it. Anything else costs money. The plain mickey version at least gives three rooms.

Posted by Jon Atienza 2016-01-22

I am very sad because everyday i try to play this game.but it is not working and i want to see how it looks like. Please fix the loading problem.- elsa 6 years old

Hate itPosted by Kayla Campbell 2015-11-11

It juts says loading and nothing else pops up. Why does the color book tell u to download it and this happens , they should fix this app. What is wrong with disney

Doesn't loadPosted by Anita Reck 2015-09-15

Tried uninstalling and reinstalling 2 times. Still doesn't load. Now probably lost the $ add-on I bought even if it starts working again.

It won't workPosted by Caroline Eslinger 2016-02-20

I downloaded it and it won't work and won't load it is a horrible game never use it. If you can uninstall it then you should do that!

Doesn't go to the other pagePosted by Mirian Gauntlett 2015-08-23

It downloaded for the first time but it wouldn't go to the next page ,so I uninstalled it and download it again but it didn't install

Posted by Rochelle Geronimo 2015-07-22

Coloring book doesn't work. Purchased the coloring book but when tried to print or save in gallery, the functions are not working.

Please fixPosted by Tommy Lopez 2015-07-19

I bought some of the coloring books for my daughter and it doesnt work. She was very disappointed. Please fix soon. Thank you

Doesn't scan....Posted by Ashley Gaudaur 2015-07-03

It doesn't scan my pictures... I've tried a dozen times. I can take pictures and save them but how do I bring them to life?

Only mickey mouse?!!!Posted by Cassie Mendoza 2015-06-28

I wish there was sofia or baymax??!!i mean only mickey mouse to color?pls in the next update pls unlock baymax or sofia....

shutting downPosted by Mellissa Rosga 2016-08-02

Everytime i open it it shuts down will give more stars when fixed my 6 year old was looking forward to being able to play.

Its ok Posted by Keah Godfrey 2016-07-24

I like it but it takes forever to download and I had to delete all my other games just to get it but it still won't work.

Assets loadingPosted by Cassidy Hood 2015-12-18

Stuck on that screen. I sent an email to support, they are working on a fix. They told me about a work around. We'll see.

Doesn't loadPosted by Ashley Prunty 2016-03-20

My daughter loved this app until it stopped loading. It doesn't even open. Please fix so my daughter can enjoy it again.

SUCH A LIEPosted by sara hamad 2015-08-30

They said these pepole will come to life!but they didnt come to life if it would come to life it would cost real money-.-

Cute concept , but faulty!Posted by joe jacobs 2015-08-27

Android tab. Wish this app had a one time purchase fee. Could not get the coloring pages to come to life. Disappointed.

Doesn't work!Posted by Marissa Vilchis 2015-07-31

We have the Inside Out Color and Play coloring book, followed the directions and NOTHING. Kids are so disappointed.

WHY DOES IT GLITCH?!Posted by Leona Marrone 2015-05-13

It loads for me but each time I color in a couch or something and go back it GLITCHES IN AND I CAN'T WORK ANY MORE!!!

WhyPosted by Jadyn Mitchell 2015-06-09

Ok. Why dose it have to be real money you only get Mickey mouse. And i have to print it when i have it on my tablet.

Please fix! :(Posted by Divine Carpio 2015-08-25

I want to download it so badly but!... I cant download it, it just says 0% and cant download ugh!.. Pls FIX!

DisappointedPosted by Sam Kirstein 2015-08-21

This app works if you have an ipod, iphone, or ipad. I tried it on my daughter's tablet and it doesn't wirk.

Posted by Anne Gabrielle Manapat-Rosaldo 2015-05-20

I Rate it 2 stars because i can't install this app! I'm gonna rate it 5 stars if i can now install this app

How to do thisPosted by Amy Mallo 2015-06-22

On the add for it , it said you can take pictures with the painting that you made. But I don't know how,.

Took too long workPosted by Jennifer Schmotzer 2015-12-02

It took forever to download. Then after five minutes for trying to open the app, it still wouldn't open.

Worked two timesPosted by Sue Velarde 2015-10-26

My kids loved this app when it worked. Now it won't load at all. Very disappointed. Please fix the app!

Disney color and playPosted by Mandeep Kaur 2015-07-11

In Disney color and play you can color the different pictures of cartoons and enjoy it and I Loved it.

PLEASE FIXPosted by Lauren Cooper 2015-05-18

It won't let me take any pictures it just closes. Please fix we were really looking forward to this.

I don't knowPosted by Stephany Alvarez 2015-10-22

When I downloaded it worked but a few days later when I downloaded it again it did not work?

Quit workingPosted by Jan K. 2015-09-03

It worked once then updated and now won't work...kiddos and adults alike not happy at all...

Posted by Cassidy Yehnert 2016-06-06

So far it is loafing it takes for ever hope app is awesome since I have to wait this long

It is not workingPosted by Christelle Moreno 2015-08-20

I tried to push the button but tried and tried but its not working i am so disappointed.

Doesn't' loadPosted by IvyVoJoJo AJ FAN 2016-04-23

Even thou I try it out it would load for hours and I got the update still never worked!

UghPosted by Abby adams 2015-09-05

I don't even know how to use it because it won't download is it just my phone or what

CrashesPosted by Brooke Johnson 2016-07-06

Every time I get to the point where we can scan the colored pages, the app crashes.

needs fixingPosted by Joy Anderson 2015-12-05

i wish i could go in the app but all it does is loading assets please fix thanks :)

doesn't loadPosted by Elizabeth Gibbons 2015-09-28

my daughter was very disappointed as well when all it says is loading assets. :(

Mad mad mad!Posted by Madison Holeman 2015-07-27

I don't know how it works but. OK. It will not let me play i am mad a bout it!

Won't Even LoadingPosted by Joshua Woepperling 2016-03-11

It is saying always "loading assets",I hate this gàaaaaaaaaaaaame,goddanm!!!

Also having loading assets problems.Posted by Yolanda Zuniga 2015-09-12

Was great fun but since update we have not been able to play app. Please fix.

UhhhhhhPosted by Milrod Lopez 2016-06-13

It takes 30 minutes to download!!. PLS. Fix it!! Or i will make it to 1 star

Posted by vernice simmons 2015-12-22

It does not work and my daughter was excited to use it but wouldn't download

HelpPosted by Menna Gamal 2016-01-26

Where do I get the coloring papers from ? Looks like the game is stupid :@

Never loads.Posted by Taty Lopez 2016-01-12

Takes long to download. Waste of storage. Waste of time. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.

Waste app !!!!!!!Posted by Shivaram Sk 2015-10-14

Waste app waste of time and waste of data and finally waste of our hope

Doesn't workPosted by Simon Jones 2015-10-14

Same problem as everyone else, can't get past the loading assets screen!

So boringPosted by 2016-12-31

This app is so boring and start to be net connection so so so so boring

Doesn't work on my Android.Posted by Mariah Cooke 2016-02-12

I followed the directions but it doesn't animate the pictures at all.

Unable to download it.Posted by Ellen Ruiz-Argudo 2015-09-07

Got stuck during the downloading process never completely downloaded.

Worked?Posted by Sara Mouser 2016-01-09

It loads but not making it come to live so I am kinda disappointed

No internet connection or what ?Posted by Jennifer Shaw 2016-06-26

Did not work for me. Is it an internet connection problem or not?

Disney Color PlayPosted by Karen Randall 2016-01-21

Would not load kept saying loading assets what a disappointment

Love itPosted by Shaun Ohara 2015-11-26

I loved this game for about 3 months and keep changing Mickey.

Takes for everPosted by Club Gymnastics 2015-11-01

Im a 9 year old girl and I want to play it but ot won't load

GrrrrrrrrrrrrPosted by Raisha's toy show 2016-08-03

I am gonna smash my head( FIX IT PLEASE UNLOCK FEW THINGS)

BLEHPosted by Nicole Monsivais 2015-09-27

This is my first time playing it and does not work at all

Freezes upPosted by Marci Blount 2015-07-23

Please fix this it stops and goes and constantly freezes

Does not workPosted by Princess forever 2015-06-23

I tried downloading it but just kept saying downloading

Does not workPosted by Diddier Prada 2015-07-13

I also bought the book and the app is not downloadable

Posted by L Gonzalez 2015-12-24

Took way to long to download then it didn't even open

I'm so not playing thisPosted by A-manda Van Niekerk 2015-12-08

This is a great game and all but it freez pls fix!!!!

Posted by Taylor Ike 2015-07-11

It doesn't say what kind of coloring book u need tho

sumaPosted by King Rock 2015-10-30

i like it ..but its no soo average ,,,,good

Posted by Becky Rios 2015-09-27

Never worked.... it wouldn't get past loading page.

Idk if I like itPosted by Christina Kistner 2015-09-08

Its been installing "loading assets" for over 2hrs

Posted by Dimitar Ivanov 2015-12-21

It wastes a lot of space so I cannot download it.

I can't have a colouring pagePosted by glenn Aitchison 2016-07-12

my daughter nags me to get the book but I say no

TitlePosted by lindsay riemer 2016-03-29

It would not danload at all so could not play it

YesPosted by Chan Both 2015-11-16

I mean this game is good but this game is simple

Posted by Miel David 2016-08-12

It suck because it alway crashes so disney suck

Doesn't support S PenPosted by Peter Yang 2016-07-23

Great concept. No S Pen support when coloring.

OkayPosted by mel morrid 2015-08-09

The special coloring books do not work at all.

Slow loadingPosted by Arianna Vargas 2016-01-12

What is happening it takes for ever. To load

Posted by Aditi Boddu 2015-12-25

Kept saying loading assets would not work!!!

Wont loadPosted by serenity Trinity 2015-10-08

It gets stuck at the word disney n wont play

michaeljacksonPosted by Klyntin Brown 2016-01-03

michael jackson wanna be starting something

Disliked itPosted by Mohan Mohan 2015-12-09

Not loading this game what happen this game

Posted by Ashley Orellana 2016-06-05

It doesn't work never download this app k

Posted by Joanna Ochoa 2015-07-05

It takes so long for it to download

Disliked itPosted by Kashmal Fazal 2015-10-31

Its not loading and says loading assets

Posted by Derek Tang 2015-11-28

Have a coloring book it's not loading.

Posted by Helal Ahmed 2015-08-11

I hate this game □□□□□□□

BooooooooPosted by Jetmir Amitofski 2016-03-19

I have a problem with this game

FIX NOWPosted by Natalia Zabava 2015-12-18

It's so fun but loads to long plz fix

InstallingPosted by Gnome Odarag 2015-10-07

loading assets .......! what happen ?

Fix itPosted by Tahsina Ayesha Masfi 2015-07-31

This game doesn't work I just hate it

Ok butPosted by Spidey101 and Foxy lover 2016-07-23

When I try to color nothing comes up

Plz fix itPosted by cadence spanos 2016-05-02

Will you please fix it. It wont load

Posted by nitin badgujar 2016-02-26

Does not load omg its a wast of time

Didn't work.Posted by James bagla 2015-07-30

It kept on freezing and going black

Cannot purchasePosted by mike wesm 2015-11-17

The "buy all" option isnt working..

Love itPosted by Jose Luis Aguilera 2016-07-13

Because it's really a great app

Won't downloadPosted by Jack Hare 2015-10-19

Won't download at all please fix

HOW DOES THE KIDS LOVE THIS!!!!!!!Posted by Imelda Mercader 2016-06-26

Only mickie mouse can color ugh

Posted by Lauren Magill 2015-12-21

It doesn't load please fix this

Posted by cassandra joshua 2016-08-21

This app gets stuck from start

Not freePosted by john girard 2016-08-09

Not cool kid wait doc mvstuffn

I hate it but I still play itPosted by Keira Alifia 2016-07-29

I hate this game but I like it

Posted by eddy solorzano 2016-07-05

It said Ihave to wait 1 hour

Loading .....Posted by Lori Gordon 2016-04-30

Can't use if it doesn't load

Won't openPosted by Laura Huxford 2016-08-03

Keeps saying it has stopped

Posted by Thomas Jacob Santiago 2016-05-24

So slow to when its loading

AlrightPosted by Julian Turner 2015-07-10

Its mainly for 3 year olds.

Maya lovePosted by Maya Bryant 2016-06-25

Takes to Long to long load

RsyujhhhPosted by Ch Nasir 2015-09-01

You guys don't love it

Posted by adam thompson 2015-12-10

Won't load disappointed

Slow downloadPosted by Syber Zmartie 2015-09-11

Can you fix this pls

Posted by claudette hudson 2015-08-05

Vere slow to downlad

UnhappyPosted by Brandi Chauvin 2015-06-18

Does not work at all

Dasanibaby10Posted by Dasani Hardin 2015-06-15

U pretty as your mom

Nerissa gallegosPosted by Nerissa Gallegos 2015-06-11

This game shuts down

WeirdPosted by Natalia Paugh 2015-07-24

It doesn't download

BoringPosted by Samantha Leach 2016-03-13

It is relly boring

H for HURRY UPPosted by Vernita Lim 2015-10-18

Keep loading asset

Did not work for my lil sisPosted by 2017-01-09

never came to life

It needs doryPosted by jennifer adkins 2016-07-31

I am disappointed

BoooPosted by Adrian Paul Cortez 2015-10-07


D ch fs rff fx hv crPosted by April Coleman 2016-07-13

3g read t ef 5 t

BabyPosted by Lance Mcgee 2016-06-25

Do not like this

LikePosted by jeffinpa7 2016-03-06

Capital liked it

Posted by Tina Ware 2015-10-10

It wouldn't load

Posted by baby k Bettis 2015-06-02

I love this game

Posted by Anastasia Shell 2016-09-02

works sometimes

Love catPosted by Alexis Arp 2016-02-04

If you love cat

Hate itPosted by Kimera Harrison 2015-12-20

My said that to

Posted by Josh Freeman 2015-06-07

Just a let down

Won't openPosted by Dominick Roffo 2016-03-17

App won't open

I love itPosted by Ahmaree Dekle 2016-01-26

Me familiarity

Love itPosted by solange rodrigues 2015-08-19

Good game nice

Im sorry i dont like it im werly sorryPosted by Elle Torrenueva 2015-06-22

I dont like it

SlowPosted by Melissa Granville 2016-05-22

It's so slow

Posted by Patricia Isaac 2015-12-03


Posted by Jax Olson 2016-09-11

Doesn't work

I dont like itPosted by Zophia Alvarez 2016-06-24

Nah its fine

Posted by Ruby Fletcher 2015-07-30


Boo boo booPosted by saitama nation 2015-10-31

Boo boo boo

:-PPosted by Chrishuff Chris 2015-07-22

Not working

laythenPosted by Laythen Carter 2015-06-17

disliked it

Posted by duaa salah 2016-07-20

Duaa salah

KellyPosted by Kimberly Adams 2015-07-21

Kimi to be

Posted by Kim Polley 2015-10-23

Wont open

Posted by evelyn pabingwit 2016-08-28


It takes a lot of time and then openPosted by Amitoj Kaur 2016-04-10

Very bad

Posted by Callie Davenport 2015-08-09

Loved it

Fix...Posted by LAST GT 2015-07-16

Or f**k

Rehana0998Posted by Renee ELLIOTT 2015-07-05


ZeeshanmariannPosted by Joanna Pelayo 2015-06-21


HufyPosted by Eric Gerber 2016-04-29


Posted by Mujib Rahman 2015-10-19


NoPosted by Melissa Aukuso 2015-08-25


BadPosted by Shawn Kelley 2015-08-22


MarqueaPosted by Marques Jones 2015-11-22


WerePosted by Makelia Bailey 2015-10-14


Thanks for your businessPosted by Rofy Smart 2015-10-02


Posted by Emoney brown 2015-09-12


Nice gamePosted by Evan Bourque 2015-07-20


LikePosted by Stefanie Kurz 2015-06-17


edPosted by Myla Dizon 2016-09-04


Le roiPosted by Jean Yvesmerie 2016-08-09


Hobby by nunPosted by Stephanie Carretero 2016-06-21


laurenPosted by Margie Campbell 2016-01-13


OoiPosted by Samantha Trdtdgdfhg Tomlinson 2015-10-18


Not veryPosted by Sharma Engg 2016-08-02


Posted by Lauren Hernandez 2016-06-08


Posted by House Of Cards 2016-03-28


Posted by Lineth Acala 2015-05-27


JEHAN PLAYSDPosted by Summerfuntoys ! 2016-05-27


Posted by melanie S 2017-09-10

Didn't work!

Posted by Rati Khatri 2017-09-10

Pls make it free or i will never give 5 stars to your games

Posted by amanda hemingway 2017-09-08

This app only freezes and closes anytime I try to open it as soon as I purchased all play rooms.

Posted by Cute But Evil 2017-09-03

This app was great until it stopped working. After an update it wouldn't even open so I have lost all the extra content I paid for. As the content is locked to a specific device by the developers I will have to buy everything again and apparently have had to app for too long to get a refund on the content I can no longer use.

Posted by 2017-08-26

This is the worst

Posted by Body Mylove 2017-08-12

It doesn't work

Posted by tracey burge 2017-08-10

Glitched out my phone and wouldnt scan my coloring book 90% of the time also makes my phone over heat

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Now you can colour and play with Mickey and the Roadster Racers! Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto are ready for fun, with special roadsters all tricked out for fantastic 3D Colour and Play excitement! And be on the lookout for new Disney Princesses! You’ll find Mulan, Aurora, and Merida her and her friends in all-new 3D pages.

Create, colour, play, and animate like never before! Disney Colour and Play features fan favorites such as Mickey and the Roadster Racers, Finding Dory, Elena of Avalor, Inside Out, Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Frozen, Big Hero Six, Palace Pets in Whisker Haven, The Good Dinosaur, The Lion Guard, Miles From Tomorrowland, Finding Dory, and the beloved Disney Princesses!

* Paint everything you like in our Color and Play Playrooms and watch your characters leap off the screen in 3D!

* Pair the app with Disney Color and Play Coloring Books and watch your drawings come to life in the app!

Explore Doc McStuffins, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Sofia Disney Color and Play Playrooms. Kids can color and paint Disney favorites with endless combinations of tools, colors, patterns, stickers and more!
Watch as your magic wand turns your creations into fully-animated 3D characters!
Create magical experiences as drawings of your favorite Disney characters come to life with Disney Color and Play Coloring Books! Print, color, and enjoy the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse coloring page for free, or additional coloring pages available for purchase!
Use real coloring books (subject to availability and may not be for sale outside North America) or buy and print pages online!
Enjoy animated mazes, word searches, and jigsaw puzzles with your Disney Color and Play Coloring Pages!
Purchase includes Mickey's Living Room from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, along with a cool music activity; Doc McStuffins and Sofia the First Color and Play Playrooms also available for purchase.

If you’re experiencing difficulties with audio, please check the audio settings within your device to see if your device is muted. If you experience difficulties printing from your device, simply move the saved page to your computer and print from there. Don’t hesitate to visit customer care at

Before you download this experience, please consider that this app will request access to your device’s camera and external storage to take a picture; upload and save content from the app to your device; and will record audio to the app.

Before you download this experience, please consider that this app contains advertising for The Walt Disney Family of Companies.

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