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FrustratingPosted by Ken & Tara Grysiuk 2016-03-27

When we first purchased the app it worked great. Later we could not get it to load plus we bought extras in the app. My grandson has waited over an hour for the game to load and it still is not working. Can you fix the problem? I also lost all my purchases and it wants me to buy them again. I bought a coloring book and it says you can color them and make your pictures go 3d but it just keeps saying it saves the page to your camera roll for printing. You can't even color them before you print and I can't find where they save.

Fun but Presently UnplayablePosted by Kelsey Walls 2015-09-23

I'm one of those weird adults that likes to play with this too (don't judge 24 year old me and my mother), and I BARELY got it to work once, and now it's been "loading assets" for days (literally) on my second gen Moto X. Tried on my NVIDIA Shield, same. I'm sad because I finally got some free time to play with this and now I can't. :( and I was planning to share this with my young cousin when he comes up. Not gonna uninstall yet cuz I'm sure its a bug buuuutttt presently unplayable.

Posted by Marcie Fowler 2016-07-30

Well not overly impressed so far. It has only worked on one picture so far. The other picture I tried it on it will not come to life no matter how long I wait. Yes it is one that has the stars in the corner and is supposed to come to life. Rather disappointing and frustrating. The one that did come to life was very cool but not worth it if it will only work on one picture from the coloring book.

Posted by Jeremy Bardrof 2015-09-17

This was once a top app on my phone for my daughters, it is now unusable, the app does not load past "loading assets". I dislike holding a rating "hostage" when an app breaks, but in the case where in app purchases have been acquired, I feel this app must be rated as lowly as possible until fixed. I will amend my review once Disney fixes the app.

The concept is pretty neat...Posted by Rachel Medina 2015-06-26

But it was slightly disappointing. We bought the color book for our daughter but struggled to get it to work. We spent a lot of time trying to get the stars in the corners which ended up being a difficult task. Finally got it to work once but struggled to get it to work again. Very cool when it actually works.

Doesn't store picturesPosted by Jon Tabor 2017-01-01

It works alright, but takes a lot of space. Also, after you scan your picture, it lets you take a picture with your creation. It appears to take a picture, and says it's storing it in your "camera roll" (which appears to be language from the iOS app), but in fact it doesn't appear to do anything.

It's okPosted by cherrysoda 100 2015-07-31

This would be a brilliant game but basically everything is real money!! You can only have one playroom and one season without buying the others! I mean some u should pay for yes but not all !! I've even read some reviews where the colouring books don't even work so whats the point of the app!

Posted by Mika Barra 2016-08-28

It's really fun, but only sometimes it works, other times it doesn't at all. It doesn't fully read all the colors being used so sometimes there are white and black lines across the characters. I'm only giving it 3 stars because it's not like it never worked, it just has a problem reading.

It's OKPosted by Amber Zerbe 2015-08-09

Good for coloring and saving pictures of pages colored. Would be better but the Color and Play, from book to app, isn't working. It only captures pictures of the pages but does not animate the picture as advertised.

Well there is a tiny problemPosted by farida marakby 2016-07-09

When I scan a coloring page and i see all the stars on the screen it takes a very very very long time to come to life and it sometimes doesn't come to life at all please fix it then I will rate you 5 stars

Stopped loadingPosted by Jamie Lacey 2016-03-17

I Purchased all play rooms and now since the update on march 8 2016 the game doesnt even attempt to! If I uninstall and reload will I lose all purchased play room??? Please fix the problem.

Its okPosted by Summer Christabelle 2016-06-17

As what Ive been seen in the comments below that it is horrible I just want you to know that pls make mickey's color and play free.Because I really Liked it.As accidentally I pressed uninstall

Posted by Frank Puni 2015-08-13

It's works fine with older books and pages. We recently purchased an Inside Out color and play book, and it didn't work. I guess it's not supported yet. Come on Disney, get with it!

Make everything free!Posted by Isabel Blacker 2016-06-17

Why didn't you make everything free? It's just really annoying! I can't buy on my tablet! If anyone agrees with me you have to make everything free to make everyone happy! DO IT!

Seems a bit muchPosted by Courtney Liscum 2015-10-28

We were all excited to download this and then I saw it's almost a full GB????? That seems a bit much for an app on your phone that is only good for your child. Is that necessary?

Works on Star pages but not puzzle pagesPosted by Sherry Ralph-Lyle 2016-08-13

The app seems to work on the star pages which was really cool to see but not puzzle pages where the child draws in the blank with the puzzle corners. It's also a battery eater.

Realy wweardPosted by Marlon Larroza 2015-06-29

This app is great but i cant download it i'v erasing many apps now even your app is crazy but nice you see i wan't to download it and please make the mb smaller and fix it

OMGPosted by Suzie Victoria 2016-06-15

This game is so much fun and every time we go to Walmart my kids ask can we please get a color and play book and I say yes because I have fun with them too

Doesn't work nowPosted by Shriya Outram 2016-04-26

It worked fine the first time I used it and now it doesn't work on the same book and new book. I updated the software on my Android and reinstalled the app.

Crazy momPosted by ashley manning 2015-10-11

Takes forever to bowling I have I had perfect signal and it still took 3 hours to download I'm glad I didn't do this for my kid he would be disappointed

Why it's not loadingPosted by ruby menjivar 2015-10-30

I waiting for game but why not because it's not fair but it really long time will can use together but I just take a few minutes so I could see I Think

Kind ofPosted by 2016-08-16

When i download it it takes to long and i have not played this game so I really don't now I it's good or bad but the pictures it looks kind off fun

This beautiful gamePosted by 2016-08-28

I like this game because you can color it and play and your choice is available on here and I really love this game that's why I download this app

it is OK butPosted by Aimen Ali 2016-03-18

it is OK but please make all the things unlock because I don't like to purchase when I am not allowed to do it otherwise great

Posted by Lilly Rose 2015-11-11

I thought the game was free but you can only play with Mickey mouse with without paying 9.99 but the game is fun

The appPosted by Chloe Sutton 2015-06-09

I wish it was free well its free to download but for the. coloring book you should just be ablel. To use your own

Good but!Posted by Pooja Pentapatiy 2015-10-19

I was really excited to download this game but after downloading it was not working properly I dispose this game

Hate itPosted by Kimberly Basan 2015-09-03

Not working.I need a new app.warning do not get this app.please don't. Just don't. I really hate this app.hate!

Posted by B Christopher 2016-06-26

This is why I gave it a three-star because it took forever to download I don't know why I think again Disney

IPosted by Rangeen Khattak 2016-03-04

I am going to have a great day ahead with this one and I am a little bit of a new thread for this calendar

Posted by Farhan Tajwar 2016-06-28

Can i ask something because it says it cn play but does it need money pls it 569 mb so pls inform

Strange and dosent loadPosted by gregstaceymaddie 2015-10-14

New game but strange update ill give four stars for load faster (which is gonna be a new update)

Posted by Robert Imeson 2016-02-27

Was great but you can't use any of the other characters except Mickey Mouse without paying. :'(

I Got Stuck Getting to Upload That App. Still Need to Upload.Posted by Ryan R 2015-09-23

I Tried, But Then, It's Stuck For Hours When i Tried Uploading it. Please Fix It so I Can Play!

Lots of failed scansPosted by Andreea Radu 2016-08-18

It Is really frustrating that the app randomly scans one page and not the next. Please fix it.

Posted by Tasha Waller 2016-05-28

Not fair you have to pay and some people don't have any money for the tablet.It doesn't work

I hope its good because y'all saying its badPosted by Gabriella Flores 2015-10-26

I am not listening to any of you because I really want this game. (*.*) (°•°) (-.-)

Did not played stillPosted by Umme Aiman 2015-07-25

Sorry have to see it thank you and again sorry for download it is taking too much time

Long timePosted by Taylor Cooper 1984 2015-11-24

It took a long time to download but other than that I think it is a good app!! :)

It's OKPosted by Steve Castle 2015-07-11

It is ok for toddler's but u have to buy doc mucstuffins , frozen , big hero 6

Needs workPosted by Jesse Hoban 2016-08-28

Very slow and choppy. Colors don't match. That being said, the kids love it.

Could be betterPosted by Jessica Oren 2016-08-08

App works great but there isn't much free stuff available for a "free" app.

It takes long!Posted by jerica Greaham 2015-08-03

Its so long when would it download i like it but its just like 1000 days!

Posted by Barrisha Wright 2015-12-26

Takes too long to load My baby cousin cries because the game is a snail!

Posted by Natalee Simard 2015-08-22

Just because it didn't work for you doesn't mean you have to complain

RIDICULOUSPosted by Harlee Gaming and Vlogs 2015-06-15

It is ridiculous how long it takes to download why does it take so long!!

Is okay.Posted by Sushma Kolumban 2015-08-22

It is a good app, except you have to make purchases in order to use it.

ConfusedPosted by Novanda Ghifari 2015-07-08

The paper is from the game right?? And then we print it right?? #asking

Nice gamePosted by Shazia Ashfaq 2015-09-04

It stops in the middle . But it is still a fabulous game for children

Trinity jPosted by Trinity Johnson 2015-06-17

This is a cool game but it wont let me go in there places like it says

Posted by Dona Daoud 2016-07-28

We cant color anything in mickey house...very annoying .please fix it

Posted by Yvonne Jackson 2015-07-07

It will not play and I paid for it for my grandson. Not satisfied.

Hate it AAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!Posted by Jenny Ilston 2015-09-22

This is not fair I try to download it and it don't want to work

It's okPosted by Raiquah954 club 2016-06-16

It's cool but u have to pay so 2 points missing but gave 3:-D

Idk how it isPosted by Katniss Chase 2016-05-06

Im downloading this because I need good cgi edits. Let's see.

I hate it.Posted by Jason Brinkley 2015-11-13

I think this because it was past a howr and it loaded 34%!!!

AWWWPosted by Alejandra Esquivel 2015-08-23

You have to buy the full pack I LOVE THIS GAME but... WHY!!!

Needs ImprovementPosted by Khan S. Hasnat 2016-08-25

It works sometimes but it freezes a lot and is really slow.

hate it but coolPosted by Dheck Alejandro 2016-04-23

i hate it but ok its 170h. befor its. in my phone

Fix Please!!!Posted by Ashley Walker 2015-08-06

Its cute but the color book part dont work! Please fix!!!!

Awesome awesome awesomePosted by Kennedy Jacobs 2015-06-11

Thanks for sharing this with me and my family and friends.

Just okPosted by Sadia Maqsood 2015-06-19

Its OK but remove its errors.then i will rate it 5 stars.

IPosted by MonicaGamerTV roses 2016-04-01

You have to pay everything and some time s it won't work

colour and playPosted by Noor Baizura Mohamed Rashid 2015-10-11

it is fun because I can bring the colour pages to alive.

Don't begPosted by Neil Armstrong Chinn 2016-06-25

Don't worry about the game it is a good idea to get ok?

It's so okPosted by Love the music!!! Tan 2015-12-11

It's great but it's gonna take forever to download it.

It's OKPosted by Mariam's life 2016-06-21

It's good but it takes very large space in my phone.

Disney please fix itPosted by Steven Diaz 2015-12-09

It awesome but when I installed it said please Wait

Just got appPosted by Joy Sharer 2016-06-07

Well i just got the app im worried by the reviews

Its okPosted by Benjamin Melton 2016-02-28

Loadink assets for weeks . Then IT ACCTULY WORKED

Takes a long timePosted by Cyndi Cervantes 2015-12-25

It takes to long to play wish it would go faster

Need more fine turningPosted by Vikas Patel 2016-08-11

Need more like details in it and it's so boring

GoodPosted by hemangi samel 2016-04-10

It takes time to install and difficult to color

Not the bestPosted by Jayme Gifford ANDINO 2016-08-29

Everything is locked and you have to pay real

Its okPosted by Faaris Khan 2015-06-07

I was looking for another app but this will do

Not VERY FUNPosted by Maddix Medrano 2016-05-10

Its 1 of the shortest game I've ever played

Posted by Nae Thomas 2016-03-27

It is taking all day for me with my babe to

It never loads GOSHPosted by Silverheart 101 2015-09-15


...Posted by Kasaw Mae 2015-07-05

Color and playPosted by Latoya Pretty 2015-12-31

It ok and lt's a good game.☺

Posted by ManĐuong KimNgoc 1969-12-31

Ai biết cách mở khóa giup mình nhé

Have no cluePosted by charrlotte roseyoutube 2016-07-29

I haven't played it yet hope it is good

it OkPosted by Um Er 2015-12-29

awesome..but where i can buy the book??

OkayPosted by Hadiya Gul 2015-05-28

It's okay not that bad worth a playing

Don't loadPosted by Chase Rauch 2016-01-28

I tried downloading and it won't work

CoolPosted by Maria Hasan 2015-10-11

The game is ......... totaly awesome

Posted by Hallie Coverett 2015-06-02

So far good my brother likes it :-)

I'm gonna see if it is cool or like what they sayPosted by Jayden Rico 2016-03-20

OK so if it is cool I will keep it

Posted by abdullah Malik 2015-08-18

This app why irate it bczof locked

Posted by Alex Chavez 2015-07-10

Its loading slow I hope it workout

EhPosted by Sophia Card 2015-05-31

Its a lot of fun but I want SOFIA

It is. Not. LADINGPosted by Gary Dockery 2016-03-12

Please fix this !!! Thank. You

It takes a lot of timePosted by Keith Glasser 2016-07-05

the time is not working for me

Posted by jeii soto 2015-05-18


Posted by Zaynab Fatima 2016-05-21

It takes for ever to download

oooo i love it but is not okPosted by Regine Manzanero 2015-07-24

im not regine im margie

Posted by Caitie-Coo mc 2016-04-15

It takes to long to download

Posted by Ariba Rashid 2015-07-22

This is a good game for kids

Posted by Daniel Tui 2015-07-06

alright app they can improve

It was okayPosted by 2017-01-04

It took to much space though

AwesomePosted by Hey U 2015-12-19

It's the best game is life

It's okayPosted by Carrie Howard 2015-09-04

It did NOT download for me

Didn't use it yetPosted by Brianna Smith 2015-06-25

But takes up so much space

Posted by Sube Yadav 2016-07-22

Like disney and its games

OkPosted by Erik Hindoyan 2016-07-13

Some graphics are no good

Posted by Ilka Holloway 2015-07-05

Takes forever to download

It's okayPosted by awesome BANANA 2016-06-08

This game is fun kind of

Posted by Santhi Penmetsa 2016-05-01

The game environment

FreezingPosted by Ashlynne Dash 2016-08-08

It keeps freezing on me

Posted by Musa Saeed 2016-07-13

Some pages working now

Posted by Yohan Widyakencana 2016-07-11

Frequently can't color

Posted by ALEXANDER OPOKU-DEBRAH 2016-07-09

It downloads so slowly

toniPosted by tonie watie 2016-03-12

lambat nge downloudnya

If it was all feerPosted by nylah andrade 2016-02-16

I wod of played offtin

Posted by CHRISTOPHER HARDING 2016-01-24

Go faster please!!!!

GoodPosted by Carmen Perez 2015-08-18

It won't let me draw

RainbowPosted by Seiko Koun 2015-07-13

Nice coloring game

x_xPosted by Tess 101 2016-09-05

Dis is for kids wtf

Posted by Chochelin Tonteras 2015-12-06

This app won't load

Posted by Trang Nguyen 1969-12-31

Theo toi no kha hai

Posted by 2016-08-16

Much Love to come

Is. Not. GoodPosted by 2016-08-11

I. Don't. Lick

Download fear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Posted by keira Thornhill 2015-10-19

When I go and dow

I love the appPosted by Rosemarie Genavia 2016-08-24

This app is cool

Posted by sanjeev dadwal 2016-07-01

Interesting game

Posted by Gayatri Soni 2015-10-19

Doesn't download

SlowPosted by I love music 2015-07-12

Slow to download

Okay....Posted by Isabella Riley 2015-12-22

It freezes alot

حك الاطفالPosted by Ali Adnan 2015-11-10

وع مقرفه

Posted by marites cardoza 2016-01-17


Posted by Nenita Ramiro 2015-10-16

Hi am princess

Posted by esmeralda estrada 2016-09-07

I guess it is

Posted by Keiara Singleton 2016-05-27

I she love it

.disney color playPosted by Elspeth Farrell 2015-07-29

It is so good

Posted by Demi Tostado 2015-07-14

Whatever game

Posted by Neeru Dhawan 2016-08-12

To many adds

Posted by Delores Soulet 2016-04-11

Minnie mouse

Its okPosted by sahan chaniru Senathilaka 2015-12-19


It's all rightPosted by NIGHAT Akmal 2015-07-24

It looks fun

Posted by Sanjay Kansal 2016-09-02

Not so good

Posted by 2016-08-31

It's OK app

Seems so awsome cant wait to dowloadPosted by Jessica Faulkner 2016-05-11

Woa so good

I had to delete it it got to the home page then quit on mePosted by Caitlyn Christensen 2016-03-25

That sucked

Its working for mePosted by Alicia Red 2015-11-03

Its alright

PublishedPosted by Ebony Williams 2015-10-26


Mickey mousePosted by Nacole Blackman 2015-09-18

Color books

Gas fear bPosted by kiesha hinson 2015-07-22

Rregyare, b

Posted by my kooky cookie rock 2015-06-13

I Like dis

FartPosted by Michael Miller 2016-08-13


AwsomePosted by Cheyanne Hunter 2016-04-16

I liked it

Posted by Mildred Sullivan 2015-12-02

Color play

Posted by Adam Cole Lucas Peterson 2016-08-02

It's fine

Posted by Kara Lemmon 2016-06-17

Good game

Posted by Sara Cela 2016-04-30

Best game

Posted by Kamel Bdair 2015-06-24

I love it

Posted by shakeel rafeeque shakeelrafeeque 2015-12-02

The best

Posted by Sarah Klun 2015-10-10

It's. Ok

Posted by Amy Scott 2015-07-02


Posted by Sofia Alexa Paulo 2016-07-14

Love it

Color plyPosted by Dedi Zein 2016-04-13

And joy

NeckPosted by Augusta Jalloh 2015-11-04


Tai lau quaPosted by Minh Khuê 2015-07-28

Cxng dc

Posted by Rene Alberto Cortez Gochez 2015-06-21


Posted by Kaylee Rose 2016-08-21

Its ok

kaishah umairahPosted by Zainal Ali 2016-03-31


Posted by Jisela Villela 2015-09-07


BadPosted by Vani Balchan 2016-07-21


I hate this appPosted by Robert Lujan 2016-06-29

Fg gs

Posted by Lupe Suastegui 2015-10-28


Posted by it's Nadine 2015-10-06


ahaPosted by Aisyah Nada Saffana 2015-07-25


Good gamePosted by Lele Thompson 2015-05-11


aundreaPosted by Eleanor Allen 2016-03-17


Posted by Rajesh Soni 2016-02-12


Posted by Jose Castillo 2015-12-29

Uh y

Posted by Daniel Brian 2015-12-03


Dlan Cole and playPosted by Georgina Chubb 2015-11-15


GoodPosted by Jhanina Nicole 2015-08-20


Posted by Casto Butron 2015-07-24


It's allringt :-)Posted by Peyton Lambert 2015-06-21


Posted by Komalpreet Kaur Sidhu 2015-06-05


Posted by Yow Foo Tuck 2015-12-12


ShermiaPosted by Shermia Wilks 2015-06-29


Loading nya lamaPosted by Ghassani Nurshadrina 2015-05-23


Ok come on you can do batterPosted by Farnesha Triblett 2016-01-06


Posted by Tammy Pierce-Ortiz 2017-09-11

I don't like it because I scan some of them and some of them work and some of the pages don't work and I work really really hard on some of them and some just won't scan

Posted by Kinzah Naqvi 2017-09-08


Posted by Errol Mangwiro 2017-08-01

Data Hog

Posted by Cn Ganayo VLOGS 2017-07-31

I love it because i know the characters

Posted by 2017-07-27

just to pass the time with no wifi

Posted by XxDiamond _BlingxX 2017-07-17

Well I don't like it because I'm an artist already but it's helpful a little. If I had to rate how much it's helpful out of 1-10, it would probably be a 2 out of 10.

Posted by 2017-07-16

So I cant go fast I am a slowpoke so thats why I did of its failed sorry about that

Posted by 2017-07-15


Posted by sonic maddocks 2017-07-11

I'm not sure if it is good or not

Posted by Byron Holman 2017-06-29

My baby girl love it so i am happy

Posted by SHAWCCHO PLAYS 2017-06-26


Posted by Rabin Das 2017-06-20

Very Much Slow Installing! It had taken 1 hour to install! Please Fix it.

Posted by sanjana sanju 2017-06-20


Posted by Vivek Lal 2017-06-14


Posted by leah taylor 2017-06-14

I only got to play in the clubhouse and didnt make my image 3d

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Now you can colour and play with Mickey and the Roadster Racers! Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto are ready for fun, with special roadsters all tricked out for fantastic 3D Colour and Play excitement! And be on the lookout for new Disney Princesses! You’ll find Mulan, Aurora, and Merida her and her friends in all-new 3D pages.

Create, colour, play, and animate like never before! Disney Colour and Play features fan favorites such as Mickey and the Roadster Racers, Finding Dory, Elena of Avalor, Inside Out, Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Frozen, Big Hero Six, Palace Pets in Whisker Haven, The Good Dinosaur, The Lion Guard, Miles From Tomorrowland, Finding Dory, and the beloved Disney Princesses!

* Paint everything you like in our Color and Play Playrooms and watch your characters leap off the screen in 3D!

* Pair the app with Disney Color and Play Coloring Books and watch your drawings come to life in the app!

Explore Doc McStuffins, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Sofia Disney Color and Play Playrooms. Kids can color and paint Disney favorites with endless combinations of tools, colors, patterns, stickers and more!
Watch as your magic wand turns your creations into fully-animated 3D characters!
Create magical experiences as drawings of your favorite Disney characters come to life with Disney Color and Play Coloring Books! Print, color, and enjoy the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse coloring page for free, or additional coloring pages available for purchase!
Use real coloring books (subject to availability and may not be for sale outside North America) or buy and print pages online!
Enjoy animated mazes, word searches, and jigsaw puzzles with your Disney Color and Play Coloring Pages!
Purchase includes Mickey's Living Room from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, along with a cool music activity; Doc McStuffins and Sofia the First Color and Play Playrooms also available for purchase.

If you’re experiencing difficulties with audio, please check the audio settings within your device to see if your device is muted. If you experience difficulties printing from your device, simply move the saved page to your computer and print from there. Don’t hesitate to visit customer care at

Before you download this experience, please consider that this app will request access to your device’s camera and external storage to take a picture; upload and save content from the app to your device; and will record audio to the app.

Before you download this experience, please consider that this app contains advertising for The Walt Disney Family of Companies.

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