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This is pretty cool. 4 starsPosted by Rebecca Aleperk 2016-05-01

Mi-ma brought a coloring book over for my 5 yr old daughter. It had simple instructions to download this free app, color in one of the pictures that is framed with stars in the 4 corners and continue through your phone or tablet.. go into the app, follow prompts, point the camera and you can get some pretty cool pictures of your child, with say Rapunzel on her lap. There were also other free games for her to play. She enjoyed them so much I tried to purchase the extra buys as a bundle. There was a "buy all" option that had a clicking sound when touched, but the new app page wouldn't load. So for now we have Mickelson Kitchen and she's having fun with it. Thumbs up.

UPDATE with fixPosted by Paula Reed 2016-01-04

I can't get it to open. The books are a waste without them. Fix please! UPDATE: contacted Disney. They promptly responded. I sat it right near the Wi-Fi access point. It loaded. It takes time! Lots, so find something to stay busy lol. Lesson here is to do Christmas like my dad did. Open it, test it and not only do you know it works, but you know HOW it works. Thanks Disney

idog pupPosted by Lira Cheer 2016-03-10

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If it doesn't work, try another devicePosted by Kay Lake 2015-09-02

I uploaded this app to my smartphone. It didn't want to work, it looked like there was a focus / clarity issue with the camera. I was about to have a disappointed little girl. Then I tried loading it on my samsung tablet, and it worked! The animation isn't necessarily the same color as the picture, but it did work and she was very happy.

Great butPosted by Hannah Morris 2015-06-07

u shouldn't need to by all the stuff with real mony their should at least be Sofia's bedroom and docks check up room for free instead of just mickeys living room and u should do Jake and the never land pirates whinnie the pooh and other things too.

I likedPosted by Amy Ramirez 2015-12-21

It was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo great!I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Scott D 2015-11-08

To everyone upset that it gets stuck "Loading Assets", go to settings, app manager, find the app, then hit Force Stop. then open the app, it worked for me. Or you might be able to just restart your phone.

It's greatPosted by Lissete Maya 2016-02-21

It's a great app. Works great on my phone and my little girl loves it. The only problem I have is that while I downloaded it to my tablet, but the purchases I made on my phone do not show up on my tablet.

Kinda coolPosted by Angela Thul 2016-05-31

My only complaint is that you don't have all the coloring books available on the app. Bought a Finding Nemo Disney color and play coloring book but it's not in the list of books to select!

ColorsPosted by KD TRILOGY 2015-07-19

My 3 year old cousin will love this app. I would recommend this app to anybody who love to color. PS it crashes when I try to open it up please fix this bug ASAP then I will give it 5 stars

What's happening.Posted by Arsi Ansari 2016-01-13

Every time it keeps saying loading assets. My daughter was wondering to play the game. But loading assets make her sad.first fix it I will give you 5 stars

I use to play it but now..Posted by lps,aj fun 2015-11-22

I use to play this but now takes up too much space I won't delete my games please Make this app take up a little less space please

Disney color and playPosted by Shana Felty 2015-09-02

My daughter loves it!! Although there should be more than 1 free page to color. As well as another character besides Mickey.

SeriouslyPosted by Manoj Udasi 2015-11-17

I need Sofia not mickey and that also one set and I do not know y I am playing but I really enjoy playing this bt delete it

Bought the coloring book bundlePosted by Joseph Folino 2015-11-23

The app has a bug that won't let you download the coloring books. Disney took care of it and sent me the pdfs to download.

Awosme but a complainPosted by Alina Shroff 2015-12-03

Loading waiting for an hour plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz fixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx orr goes to zero starssssssssssssssssssss

Posted by sasha hill 2015-06-12

Guys its not as bad as you think I love love Disney Princess and Disney so suitable for any age and ideal if u get bored

Cool app when it worksPosted by Alicia Bastien 2015-08-08

I think this app is really cool when it works. In some color and play coloring pages it doesn't work for some reason..

It's okPosted by Da Creeper 2016-08-09

You need to pay for a lot of the nice features. It may freeze when you press the magic wand, just wait a few seconds.

Works on Galaxy S5Posted by JoAnn Genette 2016-05-16

Found book at Dollar tree. Was scared it wouldn't load reading reviews. It worked great! Fun. Kids love it.

Its greatPosted by Jimena Ortiz 2016-03-14

I love it It is so fun I just love coloring. Helps me get my inner self u know. I love drawing

Posted by Daniela Uriarte 2016-01-12

Omg can you guys make a nut her one acutely it did not let me donlooed it soooooo it suksssssss!

Cool I guessPosted by Athena S. 2016-02-21

This is a game if you're bored or want to do something then this game is totally for you

Posted by Samantha Ivanov 2016-05-23

If you have a Samsung galaxy S5 it works. If you don't then, oh well. It really cool.

Disney color and playPosted by Bryana Batchelor 2016-02-18

Why can't you just let me get this game please and I already have the coloring books

Took so long to loadPosted by Nathaniel Anonat 2016-06-17

Ugh, i was too excited until its always stuck in 13%. but i sorta liked it :):

5 star if fixedPosted by Dewey Doodles 2015-08-06

It always says error downloading and plz reply please reply I have a ZTE speed

Not to badPosted by Universe _Dubb 2015-10-03

This load for 5hours it take so long and my tablet is power off fix this OK

??????Posted by Sophi Yeganyan 2015-08-19

Somebody knows how to unlok Elsa and Baimax??????????????????????????:-(

Like itPosted by Jenny Martin 2016-08-20

I like it so much it works if it doesn't then fix it but its so cool.

Hey man I was wondering if you want to go to a new job and I will have to say that you are looking fPosted by Joseph Castillo 2016-02-27

Of the King of my friends and family members and friends to join us

I like it but is don't installedPosted by Nabila Zahra 2016-01-03

I like to install but is don't working.I don't no?cant you fix it.

So slow in downloadPosted by Yara Omar 2016-08-03

3d good idea but so slow Not amazing it is good so so so so slow

Liked it is a nice gamePosted by Purna Kumari Gurung 2015-07-22

Don t forget to install it but bcuz of earthquack no connection.

Thanks but...Posted by Tom Fox 2016-06-05 will have miky that is the only thing that is unlocked.

Posted by mehreen junaid 2015-06-13

It seems nice no problems on my tablet bay-max is my favourite

I love it so muchPosted by Mary Bray 2016-07-10

I love it so much because its so cool and a great time killer

Big Hero And SuperbookPosted by Elijah TV 2016-04-23

I Want To Turn Baymax Into Gizmo, A Red Robot From Superbook

Like itPosted by Aurora De Nubilo 2015-12-22

I like it but I had to erase 4000 pictures of my baby sister

Posted by Rosy Garcia 2015-08-30

i like it but my problem is that it thesent have inuff space

Good but...Posted by naila khaneen 2015-09-16

It takes a lot of timeeeeeee toooooo installlllllllllll...

My cousin loves itPosted by MaCaylah Bush 2016-06-19

This game really helps children lean and really have fun

I liked itPosted by Linda Anderson 2015-07-29

I dont have coloring books it please fix to get 5 stars.

Very goodPosted by Pizza Power 2016-06-07

My brother is now good at colouring thanks to this app.

Fly girlPosted by Tameka Dickerson 2015-06-27

I didn't love it cuz it was ok I didn't like it like it

NicePosted by Rozzy Bear 2016-06-20

I have the color alive "frozen,DORY AND inside out

Good......Posted by Sangeeta Sharma 2016-03-13

This app need a lot of memory and but also a good one

Posted by Ariele Deeks 2015-06-12

Its great. When I babysit the little one she loves it.

mimiPosted by 2016-08-11

it is good game as it has many features so i liked it

Posted by Jane Skeggs 2015-10-30

I paid for extra and can't get it..please fix this..

Liked it a little bitPosted by lily Joined 2016-07-12

I got the app for free and I think it's pretty good

Posted by Alisha Brown 2016-07-03

I think it's so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Neeta Dolse 2015-12-14

I liked the game..... it is fantastic .

It's goodPosted by GAYATHIRI R. R 2015-05-20

It's cool nice but little bit slow in downloading

Posted by Benzjoachim Magistrado 2016-05-06

Yeah like it even if I'm just downloading it now

AWSOMEPosted by Melanie Milla 2016-04-24

It's so cool how it looks like it comes to life!

Like it....Posted by 2016-08-14

Learning source for children how to colour...

Locked and loadedPosted by Paula Nareki 2016-01-14

Thing is takes time 2 open..needs upgrading

Posted by Hunter 1986 2015-07-19

I liked it but it takes forever to download

AlizhiaPosted by Alyzhia Williams 2016-08-11

I love this game omg so cute right lol lol

Funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn...Posted by Naheed Mustafa 2016-06-09

But the other pictures should be unlocked

Awesome and coolPosted by Jody Jean 2016-08-01

My name is jody, nice to meet you guys

Works greatPosted by Brian Walls 2015-12-31

Give the loading assets a few minutes.

ReadPosted by Leemckenzy107 2015-07-12

It shuts down becuase its a large app

The hansom guyPosted by Abdi Ibrahim 2016-08-28

Hey guys y'all should play this game

Posted by shaikh nihal 2015-09-26

So coloring Micky mouce and princes

nicePosted by Inky Wisp 2016-03-09

I liked it but it could be better

Posted by Dan Fagg 2015-05-27

Because it is really fun to play

MorePosted by Ma. Cassandra M. Coma 2016-06-12

Can you pls add disney zootopia

Posted by Tabitha Nesmith 2015-07-22

Tabitha shopping for new game's

FunnnPosted by Braydon Case 2015-07-26

It is awsome yayayayaay f yaaa

Posted by Ella Wise 2016-07-11

Best regards to your site

this app is okPosted by Karma Toomey 2016-07-10

it is fine but sometimes cool

Let,s colorPosted by Savannah Davis 2016-01-07

Color and bring it to life ..

It's okPosted by Jesse Henry 2015-06-13

It takes so long to download

It cant work with youPosted by Hana Massalkhi 2015-06-01

I love it this works with me

Posted by Leesa Mungroo 2016-08-12

Taking too long to download

Good butPosted by Riley Bath 2016-07-28

I wish it all would be Free

GjkPosted by Doris Andrews 2016-01-03

Omg this Thing is so edible

CoolPosted by 2017-01-01

Not the best but kinda cool

Not nicePosted by bhoopal eesha 2015-07-23

The game is not installing

hiPosted by Lps TIME lover Heart in peace 2015-12-21

just wanted to say hi ^-^

ColuringPosted by Mukesh Kumar 2015-09-16

I colour Sofia and mickey

Posted by Wilson Verdecia 2015-07-13

Frozen 2 seesaw to get to

Posted by Charlie Morrison 2016-08-02

Really good game to play

Posted by Danielle Pack 2016-04-09

Trying it does not work

Disney color and playPosted by Maureen Seeto Steiner Steiner 2016-07-01

Disney color and play

Posted by Miguel Vargas 2016-06-22

To slow but it work's

Mickey mouse:)Posted by Wyatt Sullivan 2015-07-02

My sister loves it:)

Posted by Frida Rodriguez 2015-08-07

Great entertainment

Posted by Neveah Kennedy 2016-05-04

Every body shut up

MePosted by Tsrikar Babu 2015-12-26

About how to play

Posted by Cindy Wiseman 2015-10-19

My grandbaby like

ShhhhhhPosted by Engy Fadl 2015-08-20

Be quiet everyone

Posted by Joanne Gisella 2015-06-26

; - () zzzzzzz uu

AwesomePosted by Farooq Khan 2015-06-09

My kids love this

Posted by Hemish Kapadia 2016-02-27

Better if no ads

My opinionPosted by Diana Baza 2015-07-28

Fun but slow app

OthmanPosted by Hiba Hussein 2016-07-04

Othman khudhair

Love itPosted by Sawsan Sinno 2016-01-03

Blue eys prety

Posted by Wyona Sasky 2015-08-05

Game so amazing

AaaaaaaaaaPosted by Emanuel pokemons pokefacts 2016-07-18

I like the app

Posted by Laarni Nissi Jia Vasig 2016-01-31

Cool wonderful

Wont loadPosted by christine wenrich 2015-11-22

My girl is sad

Posted by April Austin 2015-09-26

Crayola Disney

RominaPosted by Shahla Kashi 2015-07-20

That is awsome

Posted by J Mai 2015-07-20

It kinda works

Posted by Cheryl Garvin 2015-12-28

Jada Martinez

Posted by Abby Patterson 2015-10-19

I don't know.

Posted by Venkat Thangavel 2015-10-03

It is magical

The mickey mousePosted by Mae panlilio 2015-08-01

Crusts johara

Disney color and playPosted by Shirley Skrypnykiw 2015-07-20

I do like it

anggiPosted by M. Iqbaal Nawfal L. 2015-07-11

wow,tapi lama

It's awesomePosted by shelly dew 2016-08-09

It's awesome

I like it. I think it is fun for me and my cousins!Posted by Alana Gleiss 2016-01-14

Disney color

IPosted by Stacee Hodges 2015-09-01

Love Disney

I'm childPosted by Kumar Bhupinder 2016-07-23

I liked it

Posted by mahmuda mina 2016-03-12

I liked it

Maria cotoPosted by Maria Coto 2015-07-30

Maria coto

Ja,owksPosted by Jamie Toomey 2015-07-27


Posted by Erin Hedges 2015-08-26

I like it

GsaPosted by Mariah Smith 2016-08-16

The and.

Posted by Chris Stafos 2016-04-22

It is ok

Posted by King Zandro Solidum 2015-10-05


If the iwiiiwPosted by Razel Diaz 2015-08-12


Posted by sumankrishna paul 2015-08-05

nice one

IPosted by Harllen Manlangit 2015-06-09

Love it.

Posted by Jasmin Michael 2015-06-09

Love it

Kaki papiPosted by Hasya Lynn 2016-04-15


Posted by Tammy Hedrick 2016-01-18

So cool

Posted by Mashike Mashike 2015-12-12

Love it

Posted by Jana Payas 2015-10-17

Like it

Posted by Abigail Sanchez 2015-08-15

So cute

Posted by Bonfilio Budi Siung 2015-06-08


GeePosted by 2016-08-29


FgteevPosted by Dominic Lumbert 2016-02-21


IeesiaPosted by Nirmala Persaud 2015-12-04


Very muchPosted by Mariam Hussain 2015-11-08

I like

I love dog and gamesPosted by Hannah Harper 2015-11-03


Posted by sweet 3s 2015-07-29


SuperPosted by Surya Don 2016-08-19


It goodPosted by Jaden Perkins 2016-03-13


Posted by Christina Aguilar 2016-08-10


Posted by Hisham Yasser 2016-07-25


DisneyPosted by Justin Angelo Hermosisima 2016-05-30


Posted by Junaid Khan 2016-01-15


AngrybirbsPosted by luqman Nazri 2015-10-08


Posted by geetha g 2015-10-01


Posted by Jana Tamer 2015-09-16


Posted by Khang Tran 2015-07-21


CoolPosted by [email protected] Cruz 2015-06-29


Cristina ledezmaPosted by Andrea Ledezma 2015-07-20


SofiaPosted by 2017-01-01


Posted by gasper meda 2016-05-11


HePosted by lidya Santoso 2016-04-12


AmandaPosted by Amanda Christian 2015-08-16


draw mad doctor in disneyPosted by Rebecka Phillips 2016-05-14


Posted by Valencia Michel 2017-08-31

I guess its good

Posted by Amiyatube HD Channel 2017-08-20

Um is ok but I don't have the book lol.

Posted by 2017-08-20

It take more time

Posted by 2017-08-04

Why Disny why you delete Disney magical dice I want that game

Posted by uzma ali 2017-08-02

It is good for an eight years old child

Posted by Stephanie Bennett 2017-08-01

I loved it!! But, it got boring after i finished mickeys living room because everything is locked so please make everything unlocked until then i have this app deleted. Thank you!

Posted by Eman Alomari 2017-07-28

The free virson finally came out and no it dosent really work but its good not great plus it take HOURS 2 downloud

Posted by 2017-07-26

Didn't like the permissions but when I saw what it does I thought it was really cool.

Posted by Dwarka Prasad 2017-07-26

Very good

Posted by 2017-07-22

This app its ok

Posted by Michael Locher 2017-07-17

I'm not sure what trouble other users are referencing, really. This app works with the coloring books as described - and it's cooler than I expected. The animated figure actually "wears" your child's coloring, rather than showing a pre-rendered color scheme. Could it be a little more intuitive? Sure. It took me a minute. But my daughter is thrilled.

Posted by Tahsin Sharmin 2017-07-14

I love it @6583ufdf

Posted by 2017-07-13


Posted by Kaozong Lutz 2017-07-07

Awesome app!

Posted by Matt Krouth 2017-07-04


Posted by 2017-06-05

kya khu itna bekar game hai mb or waste kara di pta nhi play store ittne worst game lata kha se hai

Posted by 2017-06-02

Sristi typing f for your smartphone video

Posted by Karen Stovold 2017-06-01

I wish the come to life works

Posted by shaila Sosa 2017-05-14

So cool

Posted by Shabbir Aboojiwala 2017-04-25

I like it but one thing was open for color ing

Posted by Davina Hicks 2017-04-18

Amazing for kids

Posted by emir murtezani 2017-04-18


Posted by asriel dremurr 2017-04-17

Godd if it would load

Posted by Magdalena Bienkowska 2017-03-16


Posted by Anthony D'Andria 2017-03-12

The app is great for my son. I just have had issues with it recently. Every time my son trys to color on a picture it works for a second and then erases itself. If someone could help that would be awesome. Thanks and the app is great for kids!

Posted by Vanitha Jagadeesan 2017-03-06

Kids interest

Posted by Cute Cat Playz -Minecraft, Roblox And More 2017-03-06

it's ok but CAN YOU FIX THE LAGGY but i think it's only in my device mmh?

Posted by Danielle Raiff 2017-02-22

It's working great to bring the colored pages to life... but it didn't save any of the pictures I took? "saved to camera roll", that's a lie lol

Posted by creative ideas 2017-01-27

It shows only mickeys pages How to get other charecters?

Posted by jeff carrillo 2017-01-25

It's ok but I love coloring

Posted by vanduinb 2016-12-20

Thanks you for making the best game ever

Posted by Raj Nayan 2016-12-12

Good app

Posted by Ajay Kumar 2016-12-09

It is good that is thing that i like is disney

Posted by Danial Suiper 2016-12-05

Is ok

RamPosted by Mahi Bala 2016-12-03


interestingPosted by Little Micoh 2016-11-21

I like it ;)

God. MaPosted by Ronnie Cruz 2016-11-21


CutePosted by 2016-11-18

Buuuut I barely got to use it more for little kids plus it takes 4ever to load.

My friendPosted by Masrur Mahmud 2016-11-17

has dis game went we was small

Its okPosted by Myla Yeo 2016-11-13

But do we have to use any type of disney colouring paper?

Posted by Marie Latouche 2016-11-10

Weyerhaeuser have been in my head in theTruc

My lovely little dogPosted by Janielle Balcorta 2016-11-03

Thanks for reading

It's goodPosted by 2016-11-02

I like it my brother likes it too

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Now you can colour and play with Mickey and the Roadster Racers! Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto are ready for fun, with special roadsters all tricked out for fantastic 3D Colour and Play excitement! And be on the lookout for new Disney Princesses! You’ll find Mulan, Aurora, and Merida her and her friends in all-new 3D pages.

Create, colour, play, and animate like never before! Disney Colour and Play features fan favorites such as Mickey and the Roadster Racers, Finding Dory, Elena of Avalor, Inside Out, Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Frozen, Big Hero Six, Palace Pets in Whisker Haven, The Good Dinosaur, The Lion Guard, Miles From Tomorrowland, Finding Dory, and the beloved Disney Princesses!

* Paint everything you like in our Color and Play Playrooms and watch your characters leap off the screen in 3D!

* Pair the app with Disney Color and Play Coloring Books and watch your drawings come to life in the app!

Explore Doc McStuffins, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Sofia Disney Color and Play Playrooms. Kids can color and paint Disney favorites with endless combinations of tools, colors, patterns, stickers and more!
Watch as your magic wand turns your creations into fully-animated 3D characters!
Create magical experiences as drawings of your favorite Disney characters come to life with Disney Color and Play Coloring Books! Print, color, and enjoy the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse coloring page for free, or additional coloring pages available for purchase!
Use real coloring books (subject to availability and may not be for sale outside North America) or buy and print pages online!
Enjoy animated mazes, word searches, and jigsaw puzzles with your Disney Color and Play Coloring Pages!
Purchase includes Mickey's Living Room from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, along with a cool music activity; Doc McStuffins and Sofia the First Color and Play Playrooms also available for purchase.

If you’re experiencing difficulties with audio, please check the audio settings within your device to see if your device is muted. If you experience difficulties printing from your device, simply move the saved page to your computer and print from there. Don’t hesitate to visit customer care at

Before you download this experience, please consider that this app will request access to your device’s camera and external storage to take a picture; upload and save content from the app to your device; and will record audio to the app.

Before you download this experience, please consider that this app contains advertising for The Walt Disney Family of Companies.

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