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Aditya B PatelPosted by Rameshbhai Patel 2016-08-07

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SuperPosted by RAMYA SENTHILKUMAR 2016-09-13

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Posted by 7 awesome monkeys 2015-07-07

This game looks so good that I want to download it nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya loved it big time nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya

Posted by Charles 0506 2015-12-07

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I. Love itPosted by Arya ALI 2016-05-02

It. is. The. Fun. Game. Ever it Does colring. if. You. Don't. Like. This. GAME I Like. This. GAME. And I. DONT. Undstand. What. Are. You. Saing. My. Little. Sister Like. This. GAME. And. My brother and my best. Best. Best. Best best friend Like. This game. To. It. Has. Sparkle. Colring. And stikers. And. You. Can. Coller the place were. Ever. You. Want. .

Loved it and sush!Posted by me me me me ma me ohh 2015-08-31

For those of you who cant download or get on the app doesn't mean that there is somthing wrong with the app! Its your device or internet! Oh, and you have to pay for some of the stuff because its disney!. Oh and courtney maria i dont belive you are poor you just didnt want to spend money on such a great game! .At least its mickey mouse. and read the comments first to make sure you want it!.

The informationPosted by Mario Suganob 2015-10-13

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I love this appPosted by Isabella Garcia 2016-01-03

I love this app it nice to see character's come alive it's just cool and that they even inclod an coloring book I love that they let you pick the character you want. PS people that do not like this app you should l love this app you just need to wait to it lods it took 1min for the app to lod PLUS it's awsome I love it

Love itPosted by Saira Mustaffa 2016-02-23

I like it because it let's you color and make in life when you finish, even I can draw on it on the my tablet and make it alive so you people who said it doesn't work then you need it to be patient just restart it that's what you need to do please do that you will like it trust me you will thank you for that bye.

I hated itPosted by Amanda Slack 2015-11-26

I wanted to play fish 12 looking forward and it didn't happen so I want I hate it hate it hate it I'm going to report this because I'm upset now and I wanted to play fish place to place it because it's no fair no fair at all my games now I have to reinstall thanks a lot stupid the game

PeoplePosted by Joy Ann Bigler 2015-07-08

Love it but wanted to say to 2 people Christian mammary it I am 13 teen and my phone sometimes does not work so I would CHECK It out!!!! And if tell me . And now Jackson opened I am 13 teen and get a life so go to the store and get a new book and then have it tested before you say that

A little slow, but my LO loves it.Posted by Ashleigh Hood 2016-05-08

I have literally paid nothing for this app and the coloring pages. My son was so amazed. It is a little slow, but worth it. Heck, I was amazed. I am not thinking about buying him an actual coloring book for this app instead of just some printed pages. Thank you Disney.

Purchase issue please help!Posted by Braydon Gibson 2015-08-11

One problem is I bought the whole play room package on my cell phone. I downloaded the app on my tablet under the same Google account and it wants me to purchase Tha package again. I'm confused. Other than this the app is great for my son. Please help

Color and playPosted by lorenzo diaz 2015-11-12

This was a very good game and what you people said is so not cool or right or a good complement and it's a good game so don't say anything about this game because it is good and the things I drew we so awesome so it's a good game

Posted by Ryan Murphy 2015-08-19

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I really like this gamePosted by junnel revelar 2015-10-31

Because you can bring your drawings to life, so do you wanna get this straight pick a character then color it and your drawings come to life uuuuuuuuhh, actually my name is Ella and Junnel Revelar is not my name that was my dad's name. .

Loved itPosted by dao ashtein 2015-07-06

This game is deferently good cause its to large but gamse are not large its small in a space i love this game my tabet is always loging i dont know???????????:-) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am ma. joseine c. velsco my c. is camoral i am bikol

نصيحةPosted by mena nader mohamed 2016-07-28

لكا الناس الى شيفة التعليق بتاعى بقول لهم العبة جميلة و تستاهل ١٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠لايك انسح لكلو ينسلها اهم نصيحة ياريت تنزلوها

FUN GAME AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!Posted by the twoinky pie\P4L 2015-07-29

This game is awesome when I look this awesome game I said people need to download this awesome game more fun then everyone thought like mee:) when I tried I got a lot of grams awesome game :) the best game in the world I ever tried^_^

DgdidfskeysjsczoutwfkscsoselegdkshdjsgsjsdgdkyrPosted by rajesh patel 2016-08-23

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Yobanca GuerreroPosted by Yobanca Guerrero 2015-06-07

I love this game is one of best game i ever try i love ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt everyone else sould play this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coloring bookPosted by Maribel Benedicto 2015-07-12

Hey everyone who is a very good and bad news is that the only thing I have been the most popular chatrooms aren't going through the internet is a great add-on panis un ay masarap kainin at bulok na sopas

"Loading assets." *Update*Posted by Statia Snyder 2015-12-04

I really wanted to try this out and show it to my son, but as with everyone else, can't get past the "loading assets." Come on Disney. Please fix the issue!! *update*: it works now and my son loves it!

Worst game!!!Posted by Patty Padilla 2015-07-06

People what ever you guys do don't download this app this game doese't work.My mom and I triyed everything but this game doesen't work.I waisted $7.99 for the coloring book.For nothing.I'm so upset

This game is awesomePosted by Amelie Jarvis 2016-02-20

This game is amazing you should download if you don't have this game and you are reading this message if you have this game because of this message you are awesome awesome as well as this game

Posted by Paul Stacey 2016-01-03

Finally got it to load but when I scan the picture it does nothing. This made my daughter very upset. Don't download the app. It's useless eventhough you bought it from the department store.

Love itPosted by Nirmala gupta 2017-01-01

Very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very good no not good it's great

Thanks for the first time in the UK. I have to be able to get thePosted by Suzee Sakya 2015-09-20

I am a beautiful person. The comments for your help. I have to be able to get the best way to get the best way to get the best way to the top right hand. If the answer is that I am not

Love it and be quiet everyone!Posted by starry Alex 2015-06-22

This is a fun game,and what if kids see you remarks!? They would be upset, and never see Disney the same way again! This is coming from a TEN YEAR OLD! That's true. Honestly people.

Cool gamePosted by Vasanthi Vasanthi 2016-02-07

I have a daughter she so sad after she participated in singing competition . Bcoz she fail in singing competition . I download this game . She so excited after playing this game .

Posted by Manjeet Singh Manhas 2015-09-19

I love this game in the stranting bet . Now thisgame is boring bet I dont dlead becose my sister play this game he sad to dont dlead she sed wen I dlead she give not things me

loved it ★☆★☆★☆Posted by Sabina Saleem 2016-08-14

it is lovely but takes time to download .........all over its nice lovely....♥♡♥♡♥♡I'm downloading from 4 : .00 o 'clock and now time is 7:50 still not download.....

Thanks for your help in making our websitePosted by Sienna Heaton 2016-07-07

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So coolPosted by Karou67800 Matsubara 2015-06-07

Its fun and creative! Its perfect for kids like me. And teenagers dont like it because its just for kiddos and if you dont like it just dont download it. Not for diaper babies!

Right Rian lindquist!!Posted by Cinthia Davis 2015-07-28

I am a little 8 year old and I see ppl saying bad words. Please stop saying THIS SUCKS. If you don't like it, its ok uccan just say like this game is ok I prefer that better.

It was funPosted by Dixie Hurtado 2016-07-31

It was fun because I love disney characters and there action in the movies and my sister loved it to so many to choose i liked it i mean i love it so check the movies out :)

Good game for kids!!Posted by Katrina Snyder 2015-07-03

This is a very good game for kids especially my 2 year old Kaylee she just loves Olaf and Sofia the first it's good to have a game that my daughter can actually play

AWESOOOME!Posted by AjMinecraftminyminer k 2015-12-31

I have the book abd i can't waited to use it...(takes forever to download it...) Well, you can still dowload it even it takes FOREVEEER...! So..., I'm still getting it.

Cool. CookiesPosted by Alazia Landers 2015-11-17

Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love

It's all somePosted by Heaven Smith 2015-11-14


Wat everPosted by Fernando Huerta 2015-12-05

Tis game is so osem lick wen dey come alive dey dance but it stil ditent load but y just waited 5 days and y just started playing it and it was soamaising

Miraculous ladybugPosted by ruhi hasan tabassum 2016-06-22

I'm sorry but it's not like I said that it have to be more expensive than other games and stuff but it is totally different means bad kachra basically bad

Great appPosted by Andrew Hollstein 2016-02-20

I have a galaxy s6 and it works fine. The issue where it hangs at loading assets did occur with me but it just took a while. It's almost a 1 gig program.

Love myselfPosted by Kendralyn Perkins 2016-03-13

The game do work so stop complaining about it please and thank u God ya'll just wanted a compliment so thank u and stop making them people feel bad

LOVE ITPosted by Abcpinky 101 2015-06-06

I love this app so much because my baby cousin always likes to play on my phone and I saw this app and I install it and he said "I LOVE THIS APP!!"

IF you have a Disney princesses coloring book it might workPosted by Lauren Ballard 2017-01-01

But if you have a home coloring book it might not work so you gotta try Finding Dory or Disney princesses Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Disney Frozen!

Aaaaaaaa I love itPosted by Butterfly  2016-08-18

You can create your own micky, just like micky creator, I want to create rarity from mlp(micky version) I installed now, but not now

SO CLOSEPosted by ESHAM RAFI 2016-07-06


No goodPosted by Tiffany Renz 2016-05-25

Only put 5 starts so this would be seen. I bought the Finding Dory book and this app does not even have an option for this book.

I like this gamePosted by KenjiTRM21100 Gamer4159 2015-08-17

It is now ffffffffffrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, I have to thank you for making this app, We always love you!

NicePosted by Random Numbors357147 2016-02-09

Me and my sister bought the big hero 6 and frozen coloring books and it worked great. Good job Disney Publishing Worldwide.

GRACE MARIA JOHNSONPosted by Sheeba Johnson 2016-07-17

Wonderful game u want to select this game this is amazing. My favourite princess sofia the first is also there I loved it.

Mercedez deshields. HicksPosted by Amy Bridges 2016-07-16

So. Amazing. I just came back from Disney World. And i also. Got color and. Play this. Is so. Cooooooooooooooooooooooooool

Lucky mePosted by Hanna Phe 2016-06-26

Since i have about 5 of the coloring books i will have lots of fun with this soon as it finish downloading.

JerksPosted by gaming jen 2016-06-12


I LIKE itPosted by Musicalintoxication terror 2015-11-26

OK listen haters gonna hate but imagine how much your hurting me and the people who made it give it FIVE stars for once

Good for familyPosted by Tori Talamantes 2016-03-26

Even though this app has some flaws my little brother and sister love it they love how it makes there coloring pages 3-d

Wow its alive ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Posted by Charlize Lianne Ganacan 2015-05-16


AwesomePosted by Virginia Hagadon 2015-09-19

Fun and awesome. I just got this book, I haven't tried it yet but I watched a video in the app and it was pretty cool!

Brain popPosted by Cyree Brice 2015-05-16

I think it is amazing because it teaches you a lot of things also it makes you smart and tjat is just my opinion

Great gamePosted by Hashim Shah 2016-06-24

It's so good game for my little sister and I don't need to use my money to buy colouring book for my little sister

I talked in love with the little boy in big hero six ;)Posted by Chloe Francis 2015-09-21

So cool the little boy in big hero six I love him so plz give 5 stars like me love ya ♥♥♥♥♥;-) ✴✳❇

A great appPosted by April Fellenberg 2015-11-28

I installed this game for my 3yo daughter and she absolutely loves it. I'll be buying the full version for her :D

Good Job on this app!!Posted by chris raker 2016-09-11

Works perfectly and is a great new way to experience coloring books. Brings it all to life just like was said.

Love itPosted by The BARBIE Videos 2016-07-30

❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ it

Love itPosted by Gideon Manaseh 2015-06-25

It is great to make our children or younger siblings love playing disney channel games and not other bad games.

Looooooov itPosted by Denise angeli Marte 2015-07-18

I downloded this game cause i love to watch disney channel and disney junior and i also love disney prinsesses

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Jay Jay Leno I just want to know I'm just a big joke just a b**** pitch pitch pitch pitch mother f****** much

Posted by anxhela teli 2015-11-27

The only bad stuff in this app is that you have to wait a lot until it is downloaded .... please impruve that

Love itPosted by Sarah Stark 2015-06-28

I love this app and be nice to this app this is an NINE YEAR OLD TALKING and I love disney so please be NICE

Cute and awesomePosted by Nyancatcake1 Tfm 2015-07-23

This app just brought me to life and revived my younger side! Made me want to hug the baymax I colored in

Posted by Ranah Saeed 2015-06-26

This is the best game all always play it for the rest of my life and I will never for get it when I growup

A colourful thing for childrenPosted by subhash chandra 2015-06-15

my sister and my grandmother liked it very much. I would like to thanks the person who have installed it

Love itPosted by Hala Alhasan 2016-07-14

But may you please let more things free because there is one thing that is free.But I still love it.

AdictivePosted by Crazyperson423 AJ 2016-04-21

I learned. That this app needs the coloring book. The coloring is awesome! Baymax is hilarious in 3d

I'm only 11Posted by AUDREENA Parker 2015-06-13

I'm only 11 and I play this game I gave it 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐and probably does not work on all phones

Color and playPosted by khloe jkkk 2016-07-07

It's a great game kids should really try it you can color things without coloring pages

Don't do this people plsssssssPosted by Jonathan Panzo 2016-02-01

If you this game deleted like me I deleted sims 3 because I didn't like it so be shame of your self

SO AWESOMEPosted by Tina Campbell 2015-08-18

I love this app it's amazing amazing I mean AWESOME because you never get to see anything like this

AwesomePosted by Delilah Marie Torres 2015-07-01

You guys Are so stupid if you think it's bad and if the screen goes blank your phone your fault

LovelyPosted by Adam Coxon 2016-03-31

My little brother ask for a go on it and it works he loved the micky mouse one he got so exited

ColourfulPosted by Arfan Imrose Mony 2015-10-16

It's very colourful.I like it very much.colouring is one of the most favourite game for the kids.

Best game everPosted by 2016-08-20

I really really really love it very much you guys i love you to and thank you for the developers

Disney's color and play appPosted by Olivia Rose Ronan 2016-07-22

I like it because it brings your drawings to life nothing else can do that but this but this app

Good,badPosted by Catherine Turpish 2016-04-25

Good news:It's perfect because of mickey. Bad news:it doesn't work anymore but I don't know why.

Stop argueingPosted by Marco Calderon 2016-01-24

You must stop the same thing as well that you're all saying because I am the president's dauther

I loved this game there r some things which absolutely are unlocked pls help Disney to recoverPosted by happy thapa 2016-01-23

Disney love Disney magic Disney games and fun... don't be so stylish the productive of this game

WowPosted by Keerthana Sivakumar 2015-06-15

My sister is like this game wow super super plese install the game plese and thank u to the game

I love it so much!Posted by Anime girl 2016-03-27

It so fun I colored a princess that princess was so beautiful. Well it was a fun app. Well bye!

Posted by Briana sarmiento 2016-01-04

Loved it asome game I played it 300215 times☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

It fun. My girls love it.Posted by Johnson Foo 2016-06-05

But i had purchased this apps but i reload the phone on this app. Is all gone from my purchase

Posted by alex colon 2016-01-16

My daughter loved it.I liked it alot.Sorry that was my dauhter.But now you now I wasn't lying.

DisneyPosted by BBC 6 Robloxia 2015-10-31

Request my Google+, Disney is not load Color and Play app. Call Disney for more. Help, Disney!

Cool gamePosted by Jackie Santos 2015-06-29

My friend and i have this game and it works so for everyone who says it does not work be quiet

CutePosted by David Rios 2015-08-20

My cousin really likes this game cuz she likes Disney Junior it I like to watch it with her

GET your free app for freePosted by Akasya Bartaby 2015-07-12

download it for you to be able to make a real person who is just coloured in to LIFE!!!!!!!

Love butPosted by Tammi Lucier 2016-07-31

Love it but I cant get it to go on the game I have it but it just stays on the Disney page

I love itPosted by Karylle Valentin 2015-05-24

This game is so cool I like this game in this game I can draw wen I draw its become real

I love irPosted by HayHay KayKay 2015-12-22

This,game is so good for my sister she loves it and this timeb when I say love it I mean

ASOME!!Posted by Sabria Elisiah Dela Concepcion 2015-05-20

love all of that character my son love it so much! LOL good work mwaah mwaah keep it up!.

I love itPosted by ShamelElijah Maderazo 2015-05-24

This game is so cool i like this game in this game i can draw wen i draw its become real

CoolPosted by Marwa Elhossieny 2016-07-07

This is awesome and I will have to do the best way to colur!....and I will have fun

Loved itPosted by Tyroone243 2016-06-25

Loved it so much you should make same more games like this so people know how you are.

I dunno.Posted by Ian Colmer 2015-11-27

I dunno just joking. I so love sophia. And if you want to know what age I am I'm age 6.

Color and play bestPosted by Terry Shivers 2016-01-02

Crayolabis getting so creative and Bendon this so cool I don't know how to explain it

Really amazingPosted by abid ali 2015-07-16

All I wanted to say is it is amazing I love it so fun to colour my favorite character

Disney color and playPosted by Maryjoy Flores 2016-01-30

My son it so very exited beucause allways sad now she very happy thank you disneyjr.

Disney colour and playPosted by Ada Alia 2015-10-20

Disney currently the best cellular I love you because you get to make your TV on TVp

WowowwwwPosted by Malali Ahmadzai 2015-08-29

My little sister is in love she bought the book and that's how we found out about it

fun and colorfulPosted by Fantaloony Bear 2015-08-10

this is the most colorful game in the world! but can you make the M.B. less M.B. ???

amazingPosted by Brielle Eyiah 2015-06-06

i love this app it works and it comes to life so cool and amazing my sister loves it

Disney World Coloring BookPosted by Janet E Wilson 2015-07-26

This book gives you the opportunity to become more creative. Kool way to wind down.

Worked perfectlyPosted by Brittney Balusek 2016-08-26

My kids loved seeing their coloring page come to life. We didnt have any problems.

AWESOMEPosted by Shopkins Glitter-Glitter 2016-07-11


Loved itPosted by Vanesa Prifti 2016-03-30

I love this game but the problem is ...i can't open it. But this time have to work

SexPosted by Dovey Thomlison 2015-06-28

Will you have sex with me cristina i want to suck your croch by the way j am a boy

Awesome!!Posted by Allison Reill 2015-05-23

This game let's you interact with some of your favorite Disney characters. SO COOL

Wodent say the bestPosted by Kelly Derrick 2015-09-21

All these downloads most people have ratid a 5 star but still dot the best game

FABTASICPosted by Brooklyn Herewini_nergu 2015-07-31

My daughter downloaded on her iPad now I don't have to always give her my phone

Posted by Alison Millan 2015-12-19

It is so fun and exciting for my sis and i to be around with Disney characters.

What a good gamePosted by Jaden Jeffs 2015-06-01

This game is so fun!!! Just coloring in your favorite Disney character. Awesome

AHHH COME ON!!!! TURTLE POWER!!Posted by 2016-09-01

THIS IS TURTLEY TASTICLY AWESOME!!!!! Come on!!! You know what I'm gonna say!!

Disney color and playPosted by Makyla Baker 2015-11-25

It is ok to get to know the crazy game .but the best game is nail salon :-D!!!

IT WORKS!!!!!!!!Posted by teura ratai 2015-09-21

So I got it for her she was like a good idea to have a great day with the game

AwesomePosted by Abigail Casares 2015-05-28

This game is fun and a good for kid's to play . But it dose not work that well

Color and playPosted by Tagz Gonzales 2016-08-29

Color and play is the perfect app for all of my Color and play coloring books

so coooooooool!Posted by Brianna Macey 2016-08-07

I loved the play room. I like how you can decorat the furniture how you like!

Loved itPosted by afra ashraf 2016-06-26

Love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love it

SofiaPosted by Jeffrey Lim 2016-05-19

I love this app!!!!!!!! And I love art and coloring! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Color and playPosted by tameka aliquan 2016-02-25

I want Disney world players and Disney Jr players and Disney channel players

FunPosted by Alejandra Millan 2015-12-22

It is nice to see my little girls play with their favorite disney characters

Posted by adrianna hankey 2015-11-13

When ever you want to play the other coloring pages it says you have to pay

Its an amazing appPosted by Janelle Kae 2015-06-28

This app is amazeballs and I loved it therefore it deserves 5 whole stars (:

I love this appPosted by Briceyda Corral 2016-08-22

My daughter loves it it keeps her distracted while I clean and do my duties

SO COOLPosted by roblox gaming 2016-08-16

This game is amazing its like it brings your favorit disny charecter alive!

I am going to be a good day to day, I will have to be a good day to you by the end, the first I was Posted by Alejandra Ramirez 2016-01-23

The first time in the world of the most important thing is that the company

I Love it And I am going to Walt Disney world In July When My dad Comes to See Us Me And my MomPosted by Mercedez Deshields-Hicks 2016-06-11

YOU DON'T LIKE IT You are not Going to Walt Disney world Go Get Punshments

So amazingPosted by sufiyaan hussain 2016-06-07

When I got this app I freaked out its been so amazing I love this app

WowPosted by Babajideh Oluwasanmi 2016-06-04

It is taking too long but at least my daughter is always waiting patiently

I HATE ITPosted by Taeja Stanley 2016-05-31

It doesn't work and its the most stupid thing that anyone has ever created

Color and playPosted by Alice Daway 2016-05-12

It can be alive it is amazing app after you color it you can make it alive

Brooke JohnsonPosted by Brooke Johnson 2016-02-29

I downloaded the app and it wouldn't load I waited and then it worked

CutePosted by bella slater the cat fan 2016-02-17

Its taking too long but when it finished it said welcome to color and play

I hate this gamePosted by Andrea Irias 2015-07-01

This game suck you can only paint one room the other rooms you have to buy

Color and playPosted by Crystal Cates 2015-06-16

I love it so much I want to marry it and Don Don Don Don Don Don Don Don

Color and playPosted by Madison Peralez 2016-09-04

I have a inside out coloring book that says to download the app

CoooooolPosted by 2016-08-28

I loooooooooove Disney so I think that the games are doing a great job!!!

Love itPosted by Deisy Botero 2016-08-08

I love it cause it's creates a new mind and you have your own imagination

Sooooo good on my devicePosted by Jae Focht 2015-10-24

This is never slow on my galaxy S 5 version my kids are happy as can be !

Posted by Danny B 2015-05-30

Sooo coolllll....But deleted by its self and can't get it back please fix

IT WORKS OMG!!!Posted by Dr Cookie 2016-01-22

OMG IT WORKS!! I'm surprised because everybody says S**T about this appm

Awesome AppPosted by Yvonne Rodriguez 2015-07-19

Love this is great way to entertain the the kids. My girls love this app

It really worksPosted by Grimey City 2016-08-23

U must have a phone n coloring book and color the page then u will c 3D

Do not stop longPosted by Tina Wright 2016-03-28

It is so stoped I got a new phone form the ester bunny and I donot work

LovePosted by stanca pan 2016-02-06

It has play rooms and many other intresting things thats why I lovedit

Karen Ruby MoralesPosted by Karen Ruby Morales 2015-08-17

My son love's this game he love's to color and play the different games

Liking with my soulPosted by Angel Mabazza 2016-09-03

I like this,Because it's interesting game play or you waste your time

Posted by sama Aboelkhair 2016-08-26

أرخم حاجه بتتنزل كتير بس أنصحكم نزلوها

Likeeeeeeeeeeeeeee veryPosted by Nawal Rashid 2016-06-10

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Posted by Nahla Yassin 2015-08-30

Hi christiana i open it is beautiful try you well install it belive me

The fun and the hard of this gamePosted by Speedup Pad 2016-08-16

It's so fun to play this app.its so cool,disney characters can alive

Posted by Deepty Borthosow 2016-08-15

It so cool to play and i love it a lot i never play such game so cool

Mileena kahnum mortal combat xPosted by Naee Boss 2015-09-12

I am mileena Kahnum you all will pay for killing my farther shao kahn

AwsomePosted by Shreyas bhamidipaty 2015-08-21

I am a 11 year old kid speaking so cool but why is it for 8 and below

Posted by Liam Villar 2015-07-27

Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!l¡!!!!

It worksPosted by Samantha Do 2015-07-11

My works is not black is fun to play all of you guys not. But my work

Disney JrPosted by Blessing Oketa 2016-02-01

I love This game and that is The End.0h and one last thing Bye, Bye.

My two daughters love itPosted by Amyia Amy Hoy 2016-01-10

I got all the play rooms and my two kids Fiona and Feilisha loved it

I love itPosted by Jim Focht 2015-10-17

This is perfect for my girls it's Soooo of good now I can do my work

Daniel needs aqqs on my timelinePosted by Jameil Valentine 2015-06-04

Yes it, but I know you will be done? I don't sign him to call to the

It is okayPosted by Averi Spaletto 2016-06-06

It is okay but it dose not let you use all of the books you want to

Disney colour and playPosted by Ferzana Lone 2016-01-16

The information in this game, the more I think it was a great game.

Color and playPosted by Dasia Jenkins 2015-05-27

Because when you are coloring if you watch your coloring come alive

Posted by 2016-08-22

Best game but when you buy it sepret you have to buy it for £3.00

LoadingPosted by Caroline Rodrigurz 2015-12-18

I loved it because I got piano practice in the time it was loading

Doesent loadPosted by Vansh Shah 2015-12-07

I hate this game this is useless game i have ever seen in my life

AmazingPosted by Fida Imran 2015-12-07

Fun app to use..... Nice to see a pink and purple Mickey mouse lol

Color and playPosted by Kayla Wearmouth 2015-10-10

Awesome app, cool concept. My 6 year old daughter has fun with it.

Posted by sophia holdren 2015-09-30

Samm you are not be able at the other than a few months and I know

AwesomePosted by Rylie Von Deylen 2016-08-06

My little sister loves it and never wants to quit playing with it

Great GamePosted by Ciara Duvall 2016-07-12

I love the way that they make these apps and I hope you make more

Disney color in lifePosted by Debra haneman 2015-12-04

I loved it so much to see all the charter of frozen come to life

WorksPosted by Samariah Perkins 2015-08-05

Have the coloring book for it its really cool in 7 with samsung 4

AwesomePosted by Shaun Winiecki 2015-07-31

Iiiiiiiiiitttttttttttsssdsss sssooo ffffffffffuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnn

My godPosted by Casty59 AJ 2016-09-01

I love it but there are so many complaints since the last update

Thank God for his birthday party for my own personal informationPosted by 2016-08-08

Thank God for his birthday party for my own personal information

ColoringPosted by Ayesha Kauser 2016-06-19

It was amazing it downloaded quickly and everything was for free

Posted by Dayerlin Zaldvar 2016-05-07

Color and play is really cool you can bring you picture to life

Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Posted by Isabella Moore 2015-10-25

This is so cool because you can see the characters come to life.

LOVE itPosted by Narna Wright 2015-08-19

I love the game i can get baymax and other people it is so Asome

Posted by nashwa ahmed 2015-06-20

إنها لعبة جميلة لكن تنزيلها بطئ جدا

i love itPosted by Tonette Montablan 2015-10-09

my bother is gay he love frozen his having elsa doll he like it

I love this app don't say it's rubbishPosted by Nicola Landale 2015-06-22

I love this app because my two twin daughters always play on it

AmazingPosted by Jessie May 2016-06-23

You are the smarter than you could be after you play this game

I loved thatPosted by BAIDYANATH SWAIN 2016-04-28

I loved this app.This app is for children.So I loved these app

Super cool appPosted by Kamree Uy 2016-03-30

Its good for kids so they can see their favorite characters :)

Posted by Leanna Fergerson 2016-03-04

But it taking too long fix it now or never get Disney app aing

Posted by Laura Hallows 2015-11-09

I love the way that you can make it your way do you? Cos I do.

Hey man who has been in the futurePosted by Rose R 2015-11-07

I love you so much for the first time in the future .

FunPosted by Felicia Durpree 2015-07-27

Its super colur-e good ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

Screenshots & Video


Now you can colour and play with Mickey and the Roadster Racers! Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto are ready for fun, with special roadsters all tricked out for fantastic 3D Colour and Play excitement! And be on the lookout for new Disney Princesses! You’ll find Mulan, Aurora, and Merida her and her friends in all-new 3D pages.

Create, colour, play, and animate like never before! Disney Colour and Play features fan favorites such as Mickey and the Roadster Racers, Finding Dory, Elena of Avalor, Inside Out, Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Frozen, Big Hero Six, Palace Pets in Whisker Haven, The Good Dinosaur, The Lion Guard, Miles From Tomorrowland, Finding Dory, and the beloved Disney Princesses!

* Paint everything you like in our Color and Play Playrooms and watch your characters leap off the screen in 3D!

* Pair the app with Disney Color and Play Coloring Books and watch your drawings come to life in the app!

Explore Doc McStuffins, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Sofia Disney Color and Play Playrooms. Kids can color and paint Disney favorites with endless combinations of tools, colors, patterns, stickers and more!
Watch as your magic wand turns your creations into fully-animated 3D characters!
Create magical experiences as drawings of your favorite Disney characters come to life with Disney Color and Play Coloring Books! Print, color, and enjoy the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse coloring page for free, or additional coloring pages available for purchase!
Use real coloring books (subject to availability and may not be for sale outside North America) or buy and print pages online!
Enjoy animated mazes, word searches, and jigsaw puzzles with your Disney Color and Play Coloring Pages!
Purchase includes Mickey's Living Room from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, along with a cool music activity; Doc McStuffins and Sofia the First Color and Play Playrooms also available for purchase.

If you’re experiencing difficulties with audio, please check the audio settings within your device to see if your device is muted. If you experience difficulties printing from your device, simply move the saved page to your computer and print from there. Don’t hesitate to visit customer care at

Before you download this experience, please consider that this app will request access to your device’s camera and external storage to take a picture; upload and save content from the app to your device; and will record audio to the app.

Before you download this experience, please consider that this app contains advertising for The Walt Disney Family of Companies.

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